Wednesday Links for Writers 2008.11.26

* Are we stampeding lemmings suddenly? Agent Colleen Lindsay on why we shouldn’t panic about the HMH buying freeze.

* Agent Colleen Lindsay answers “When should you list your publishing credits in your query letter?”

* Agent Colleen Lindsay again [I think I love you! You’ve got great linkage!] on how to format your query for email.

* The Rejecter answers lots of questions about formatting your manuscript.

* Agent Jenny Rappaport gives up the proper email address for submitting your queries.

* Over at Tor, find out what happens after the book is written.

* Simply Stated: home & organizing has several posts about transitioning to a paperless office:

* Transitioning to a Paperless Office
* Organizing Files in Your Office
* Organizing Files & Folders on Your Computer

* Great bookshelves inspired by DNA & graphic art

Wednesday Links for Writers 2008.11.19

* via agent Colleen Lindsay, Stephen Barbara’s article on The Great American Query Letter. Barbara is an agent at the Donald Maass Agency. “The publishing industry holds few secrets. And so, the outré query letter is no longer the norm. Today we see the heavily work-shopped query letter, labored over, proofread, professionally edited, smart-looking, enticing you to read on to the writing sample. Where, miserably, that throwback, Washington Generals–style badness hits you straight between the eyes again.”

* bookshelves via Interior Design

* Cory Doctorow on why he copyfights. Important information for everyone. On the Internet, copying is automatic, massive, instantaneous, free, and constant.”

* grandfather clock bookshelves via Interior Design

* via Agent in the Middle: agent Jenny Rappaport is breaking away to start her own agency, The Rappaport Agency. Rappaport specializes in “science fiction and fantasy, as well as YA, and romance”.

Links for Writers bonus: Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo

* An absolute must-read: Jim Butcher’s LiveJournal. He doesn’t update often, but when he does, you can count on his posts being useful, easy-to-understand, right-on advice. Go back through the archives to start at the beginning.

* Another must-read: Neil Gaiman’s advice for Week 3. Post this one on your Desktop so you can reference it as often as you need it.(Neil recommends saving it for Week 3 when you’ll need it.)

* Don’t miss Vicki Pettersson’s writing advice. This isn’t one of her life-changing seminars or butt-kicking pep talks, but it’s the next best thing.

* Paperback Writer, Lynn Viehl annually gives lots of advice: Speed Outline, the synopsis, 10 NaNo freebies,

* Write to Done on How To Hold Yourself Accountable.

May The Force Be With You!

Wednesday Links for Writers 2008.10.22

* Paperback Writer Lynn Viehl posted a few markets.

* Bantam Spectra launched a new short fiction contest.

* Agent Janet Reid on Opportunity Costs, or why agents don’t do more “developmental work with inexperienced authors”.

* 2 new agents at L.Perkins Agency. Check out their details.

* Barbara Bretton wants to know if there’s an Expiration Date on Writers. “I’ve always believed that one of the very best things about being a writer was that age didn’t matter.”

* More on the Ugly Fight for Andre Norton’s Legacy. Writers: learn from this.

* Time for some autumn office cleaning? The keyboard brush.

* A smart author will accept valid criticism no matter what the cost in rewrite time.

* UF author C.E. Murphy gives us an example of “Showing” vs “Telling”.

* At UF author Rachel Vincent’s blog, her critique partner (CP) gives us some examples of the kind of crits these ladies exchange. Part 1 – Can I Have A Band-Aid With That Critique? and Part 2 – When a Band-Aid Isn’t Big Enough. Ouch!

* Rachel Vincent’s writing chair:

Wednesday Links for Writers 2008.10.15

Mark Henry shows us the money in urban fantasy novel writing. “unless you’re a lead title at your publishing house, you’re going to be spending some money on getting the word out”.

Speaking as a recovering perfectionist myself, I can vouch for this: Perfectionism Is Bad For You. Perfectionism definitely doesn’t get any novels finished.

Isn’t it ironic? Men Don’t Read, but 7 of the 10 World’s Best Paid Authors are men.

Pen and Pencil Better For the Brain than software? Last year I made the switch from writing on a computer to writing with a notebook and pen. I can honestly say the method is slower, but the results are better. I feel more connected to the work, to the characters and their world.

Are you 24 pages from a multi-book contract? “When the struggling writer is pitching a book to an agent, he or she had better have a book, right? Well, Finnish SF author Hannu Rajaniemi sold three of them to classy UK-based Orion imprint Gollacz based on a mere 24 pages.” Fascinating sales story, but a long shot.

from Marjorie M. Liu -> Good questions are a source of creative energy = Your Book Outline

Kim Harrison’s writing place:

Another awesome Jackson Pearce video. This one about outlining:

Wednesday Links for Writers 2008.10.01

Writer Unboxed presents Anatamy of a Publishing Contract, Part 1 and Part 2 and watch for more in this informative series.

Cat Rambo explains what makes a good writing group and how to find one.

Lifehacker tells us Sleep Boosts Creativity by 33%. As any sleep-deprived writer will tell you. Or you could as any new parent. ;o) But have a look at the article anyway. It also tells us we can solve problems by sleeping on them.

Uncluttering the paths to your goals.

Lifehacker answers Why “Goal Setting” Makes You Cringe.

Do you write historical YA? If so, AN AGENT IS WAITING FOR YOUR QUERY.

Write to Done presents editing tricks to keep you to your word count.

Susan Adrian tells us How To Talk To Writers At Parties. Unlike the Neil Gaiman story “How to talk to girls at parties”, there are no aliens involved.

How to avoid procrastination.

How to stay awake at work.

Inspiration from a Daphne Guiness photo shoot. Write an urban fantasy story based on the images via Boing Boing

Wednesday Links for Writers

Lifehacker tells us How To Kick Start a Low-Productivity Day. “It’s all about looking for something positive you have never seen. Taking time to smell the roses may be just a cliché, but those roses could be anything.”

Boing Boing links us to How To Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee. “This was amazing — I’ve always wondered about the chemistry of espresso and coffee roasting…”

Vivienne Tam and Hewlett Packard hook up to give us this bit of computer awesome: (via DVICE) [It’s about time we got some girly prints and colour!!]

Check out The Query Project [via agent Colleen Lindsay] where authors share their query letters, includes UF & paranormal authors Jackie Kessler and Michelle Rowen.

Excellent advice here: Don’t Let Writing Get in the Way of Writing. Sometimes you have to let the writing go. “Case in point, at the Fantasy Matters conference last fall Neil Gaiman talked about a novel he was just then finishing, a novel that he started twenty-some years ago.”

The ever-brilliant Jackson Pearce on the friends every writer needs. “The Cheerleader: The person who would stand up and applaud your grocery list. “Milk, eggs, AND FRUIT ROLLUPS? Oh my god. Genius. You. Are. A. Genius. Will you sign my left asscheek?”
Reason you need her: She makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you’d otherwise want to curl up in your bathtub and cry.”

Fresh Inspiration for Your Home has the perfect writer’s retreat: Casa Kike. “We’ve seen it in movies and in real life, that writers need a quiet place to come up with great ideas for their books. If you’ve been looking for the key elements for such a house, then we have Casa Kike located in Cahuita, Costa Rica (30 miles south of Puerto Limon).”