Does Age Matter?

Maria Colette posed a good question recently: does age matter? And why are all urban fantasy protagonists in their twenties?

Like Ms Colette, I can’t say my twenties were a favourite time of my life. Certainly if I had to pick a decade to live over again, I don’t think that one would top my list. But I can see why authors place their characters there: there’s work struggles, relationship struggles and finding yourself struggles. Plus, twentysomething is not too old for teen readers, and not too young for middle-aged readers, and who wouldn’t want to reach as wide an audience as possible. I’m also thinking twentysomethings have enough energy to meet all the daily requirements of being an urban fantasy character (action, romance, supernatural abilities).

But have we seen enough of the twentysomething character? I wouldn’t mind seeing more thirty- and forty-somethings. These age groups have more life experience to draw upon, so perhaps we’d see less of the ‘bumbling idiot’ plotlines. They also have more at stake– the career, the established life (car, house), and maybe even a family. But I do have one caveat: no ‘child in jeopardy’ stories, please!

What do you think of the twentysomething character? Too much? Are you ready for something different?