Agent Kristin Nelson says editors are not buying UF

On her blog, Pub Rants, Kristin Nelson says:

If you are working on an urban fantasy, you might be out of luck. Every SF&F editor I chatted with while in New York was being inundated by urban fantasy submissions and with some rare exceptions, were not buying them.

This is bad news for the urban fantasy world.

If you love urban fantasy, quick — go out and buy a book! Try a new author!


Good News for Juno Books!

Man, I love good news, so I was very happy for Juno authors when I read this as I did my morning reading with a cup of coffee:


New York, New York (January 19, 2009) – Louise Burke, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Pocket Books, has announced a new co-publishing agreement with Juno Books, best known for contemporary fantasy novels that emphasize strong female protagonists in richly imagined contexts. Juno will become an imprint of Pocket Books, publishing one title per month with the first release, AMAZON INK by Lori Devoti, slated for June 2009.

Juno Books began its publishing program in Fall 2006 and quickly became noted in the fantasy fiction genre for such breakout successes as Carole Nelson Douglas and Stacia Kane and garnering critical acclaim for many of their titles.

“Pocket Books and Juno Books are a great fit,” said Louise Burke. “We’ve seen great growth in this category, are delighted to now have a dedicated line, and look forward to helping to cultivate a wider audience for Juno’s terrific roster of authors.”

Juno Books Editor Paula Guran said: “I’m tremendously excited about the opportunity to help take Juno to the next level through our association with Pocket Books. Both Juno and fantasy readers in general will gain immensely by sales and marketing reach of Pocket Books and Simon & Schuster, while still getting the best of our editorial sensibility.”

Pocket Books Senior Editor Jennifer Heddle will work in concert with Juno Books Editor Paula Guran.

Good news for authors and for us urban fantasy readers. Paula’s been a great cheerleader for UF, and I’m hoping to see lots more wonderful UF stories from her desk.

Demon Inside Release Information

I know I wasn’t the only one disappointed to hear that the release for this book had been pushed back to an undetermined future date.   In my travels on Amazon today, I came across this listing for Demon Inside by Stacia Kane and the curious thing about it is that the publisher is listed as Pocket Books.   Now, I had heard rumblings that something might be going on over at Juno Books but nothing concrete.  Makes me wonder if they’ve possibly been bought out??

After finding the Amazon listing, I dug a little further and found a Simon and Schuster listing for her as well.

The new release date according to Amazon and S&S is July 28, 2009.

Posted by:  Lisa Trevethan

Stacia Kane has new book deal!

From Stacia’s blog:

“My dark urban fantasy Unholy Ghosts–which my husband described as “Ghostbusters meets Escape From New York”, set in a post-apocalyptic world where ghosts rose from the grave and killed a huge chunk of the population, and now they’re kept under control by the iron-willed (in more ways than one) Church of Truth, which is government and secular religion all in one–sold to Del Rey, in a three book deal! I don’t have any official word on release date yet but we’re hoping for Fall ’09.”  Go here to read an excerpt!!

Congratulations Stacia!

Michelle Rowen Book Deals

From Michelle Rowen’s blog:

“I’m very pleased to report that I have two new book deals!

*** Deal #1

LIVING IN EDEN is a light urban fantasy/paranormal romance about a slightly-psychic amateur P.I. named Eden Riley who finds herself rather…possessed. Chaos ensues. I’ve been working with this idea on-and-off for a couple of years — it started off as a dark urban fantasy and has evolved to become a fun book that I can’t wait to start working on. LiE will be out tentatively Spring 2010 and I’m beyond thrilled to be working with Berkley Books on this!!

*** Deal #2

NIKKI DONOVAN: DEMON PRINCESS is about a girl who finds out the father she’s never met is a demon king and now that she’s turned sixteen, she’s heir to his throne. Chaos ensues. I wrote the first draft of this book for Nanowrimo ’06, although it has gone through several revisions since then. I can’t tell you how excited I am to sell in the YA genre. It’s my first writing love and my first serious attempts at writing were YA-based. I love this book and I’m so happy that it’s going to be published! It’s also going to be out early 2010 through Walker Books which is a division of Bloomsbury. Another YA will follow it, although at this time it’s undecided if it will be a sequel or something completely different.”

Congratulations, Michelle!