Favorite Elements in UF – Part Deux: What Are Our Favorite Critters and Why Do We Love Them So?

According to the poll results listed below the cut, you all really, really liked the following:  Kick Butt Heroines, Detectives/Investigators, The Quiet Types, Troubled Loners, Shapeshifters, Vamps, Faeries, Natural/Inherent Magic, Witchcraft/Magecraft and Mindreading/Telepathy.  I guess it just isn’t time yet for Undead Unicorns.  *looks nervously at current WIP*

Now, it is time to tell us why.  What makes these characters, traits and abilities irresistible to you?  Are these characteristics that will make you choose one book over another or put it on your “To Buy” list automatically?  Do they turn you away from some books?  Authors – what is the basis for the choices in your own writing?

Come on, tell us.  You know you want to.

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Poll: What Are Your Favorite Elements in Urban Fantasy?

As a fan of the Urban Fantasy genre, I read a lot of it and about it. In reading about the publishing of UF, I have run across information on trends and the supposed popularity of tropes, plots, creatures and devices used within the genre. One day it may be reported that vampires are completely passe and the next it will be faeries or shapeshifters or that publishers are just not looking for yet another crime-fighting wizard.

What do you think?

Below are three polls. Heroes and Heroines, Groups and Creatures and Powers. Vote for your favorites and I’ll post the results on June 2, 2008 and report back on what you have to say.

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