Official Twilight Movie Site, Romantic Times July Book Reviews and More!


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Jes Battis reviews Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews.

Angieville reviews Ill Wind by Rachel Caine.

Sally at Bitten By Books reviews The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter.


Here is the official Twilight movie site. According to the site, the movie will hit theaters on 12/12/08. Just in time for Christmas.

Apparently there is a campaign to bring back the CBS TV show Moonlight.   From a letter received by Tate Hallaway and posted to her blog:

I was just writing to ask if you happened to be a fan of Moonlight the vampire tv show?? As you may or may not know, CBS has recently cancelled this amazing series after just one season.

I’m part of a massive online group to ‘save’ the show or alternatively have it moved to a new network (,


Romantic Times has posted its July book review ratings. Marjorie Liu’s The Iron Hunt, L.A. Banks’ The Shadows and Eve Kenin’s Hidden are all in the Top Picks list.

Dear Author discusses the value of authorial endorsement:

In this political season, the candidates have received endorsements from people that they have had to “reject and denounce*”. The Good, The Bad, and the Unread, featured a promo for the September release of Double Enchantment by Kathleen Kennedy which is the second book in her Relics of Merlin series. Kennedy’s world is set in the Victorian era and has a unique way of assigning nobility according to the strength and type of magic one can perform. What I remember from the first book which I forgot to review, Enchanting the Lady, the shapeshifters were considered lower class individuals. (They are animals, after all).


Saturday Briefs


Shanna Swendson is guest blogging today over at Myth, the Universe and Everything.

Scooper poses the following question to authors:

If a reviewer isn’t thrilled (and writes that) with your book and requests an ARC of one of your upcoming novels, would you give it to them or tell them to shove it? How do you feel about negative reviews? What turns you off about a review site? If you could change one thing about the way I review books, what would that be?

Mark Henry interviews author Jeri Smith-Ready at the League of Reluctant Adults blog.


Praxisism reviews American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Sidhevicious reviews Unshapely Things by Mark DelFranco

Swendson held at 4, and much more

David B. Coe interviews Tate Hallaway. “Seriously, I was talking to a friend about this at a bar the other night, and I confessed that one of my favorite things about writing paranormal romances/urban fantasy is that you get to have all the relationship/girly stuff married to the high-octane adventure/boy stuff.”

Wyrdsmiths have a Q&A with Jenna Black. “When I began to believe that it was my own abilities, not the whims of luck, that would ultimately get me published, I started working much, much harder at my writing. I started treating it like a career, rather than a hobby.” [Coincidentally, David B. Coe also interviews Black.]

Shanna Swendson tries to answer readers’ questions about why there won’t be a fifth book in her “chick lit meets urban fantasy” series. “All of my books have gone into multiple printings, even months after release, and the sell-through numbers seem to be what I’ve generally heard qualify as “success.””

Rob Thurman announced the line up for the future winter-holiday themed UF anthology, WOLFSBANE AND MISTLETOE:
“Gift Wrap” by Charlaine Harris
“The Haire of the Beast” by Donna Andrews
“Lucy, at Christmastime” by Simon Green
“The Night Things Changed” by Dana Cameron
“The Werewolf Before Christmas” by Kat Richardson
“Fresh Meat” by Alan Gordon
“Il Est Ne” by Carrie Vaughn
“The Perfect Gift” by Dana Stabenow
“Christmas Past” by Keri Arthur
“S.A.” by JA Konrath
“The Star of David” by Patricia Briggs
“Better Not Pyout” by Nancy Pickard
“Rogue Elements” by Karen Chance
“Milk and Cookies” by Rob Thurman
“Keeping Watch Over His Flock” by Toni L.P. Kelner

The Book Smugglers have a double review of Ilona Andrews’s MAGIC BITES and MAGIC BURNS.
American Chronicle reviews Justin Gustainis’s BLACK MAGIC WOMAN.
SQT reviews Vicki Pettersson’s THE TASTE OF NIGHT.
Wendy reviews THE DEAD GIRLS’ DANCE by Rachel Caine. And ClothDragon reviews Caine’s ILL WIND.

Amberkatze is giving away 3 UF books: BITING THE BULLET by Jennifer Rardin, 50 WAYS TO HEX YOUR LOVER by Linda Wisdom, and FROSTBITE by Richelle Mead.
A Bookworm is giving away a copy of J.F. Lewis’s STAKED. Enter before May 6. U.S. readers only.