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New: The Printable List is here! Featuring over 500 books and 90 authors, this is your guide to urban fantasy.

[Note 1: authors if you’d like to be added, please send an email to urbanfantasyland @ gmail . com]
[Note 2: This page is for the traditionally published. If you are self-published, send an email inquiring about our other options.]

* – denotes separate series

The Pioneers:

(these are the authors who revived fantasy in the 1980s, bringing the
fantastic into a contemporary setting)

Emma Bull – War for the Oaks;  John Crowley;   Jonathan Carroll;   Charles de Lint;   Megan Lindholm;   Matt Ruff;   Terri Windling


The Next Generation:

Ben   Aaronovitch
Rivers of London;
Moon over Soho;
Whispers Under Ground
Mario Acevedo
The Undead Kama Sutra;
X-Rated Bloodsuckers;
The Nymphos of Rocky Flats;
Jailbait Zombie;
Werewolf Smackdown
Ann Aguirre
Blue Diablo;
Hell Fire;
Shady Lady;
Devil’s Punch
Cassie Alexander
Ilona Andrews
Magic Bites;
Magic Burns;
Magic Strikes;
Magic Bleeds;
Magic Slays
On The Edge;
Bayou Moon;
Fate’s Edge
Jennifer Armintrout
The Turning;
Ashes to Ashes;
All Souls’ Night
Kelley Armstrong
Dime Store Magic;
Industrial Magic;
No Humans Involved;
Personal Demon;
Living with the   Dead;
Waking the Witch;
Keri Arthur
Full Moon Rising;
Kissing Sin;
Tempting Evil;
Dangerous Game;
Embraced by Darkness;
The Darkest Kiss;
Deadly Desire;
Bound to Shadows;
Moon Sworn
Destiny Kills;
Mercy Burns
Darkness Unbound;
Darkness Rising;
Darkness Devours;
Darkness Hunts
L.A. Banks
The Awakening;
The Hunted;
The Bitten;
The Forbidden;
The Damned;
The Forsaken;
The Wicked;
The Cursed;
The Darkness;
The Shadows;
The Thirteenth
Bad Blood;
Bite the Bullet;
Undead on Arrival;
Cursed to Death;
Never Cry Werewolf;
Left for Undead
Michele Bardsley
I’m the Vampire, That’s Why;
Don’t Talk Back to Your Vampire;
Because Your Vampire Said So;
Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home;
Over My Dead Body;
Come Hell or High Water;
Cross Your Heart;
Must Love Lycans
Jes Battis
Night Child;
A Flash of Hex;
Inhuman Resources;
Infernal Affairs;
Bleeding Out
Elizabeth Bear
New Amsterdam;
Blood and Iron;
Ink and Steel;
Hell and Earth
Amber Benson
Death’s Daughter;
Cat’s Claw;
Serpent’s Storm;
How to be Death
Jenna Black
The Devil Inside;
The Devil You Know;
The Devil’s Due;
Speak of the Devil;
The Devil’s Playground
Dark Descendant;
Deadly Descendant
Amanda Bonilla
Shaedes of Gray
Blood Before Sunrise
Marie Brennan
Warrior (previously ssued as
Witch (previously issued as Warrior and Witch)
Meljean Brook
Demon Angel;
Demon Moon;
Demon Night;
Demon Bound;
Demon Forged;
Demon Blood;
Demon Marked
Patricia Briggs
Moon Called;
Blood Bound;
Iron Kissed;
Bone Crossed;
Silver Bourne;
River Marked;
Frost Burned
Cry Wolf;
Hunting Ground;
Fair Game
Jim Butcher
Storm Front;
Fool Moon;
Grave Peril;
Summer Knight;
Death Masks;
Blood Rites;
Dead Beat;
Proven Guilty;
White Knight;
Small Favor;
Ghost Story
Rachel Caine
Ill Wind;
Heat Stroke;
Chill Factor;
Thin Air;
Gale Force;
Cape Storm;
Total Eclipse
Mike Carey
The Devil You Know;
Vicious Circle;
Dead Men’s Boots;
Thicker Than Water;
The Naming of the Beasts
Amanda Carlson
Full Blooded
Karen Chance
Touch the Dark;
Claimed by Shadow;
Embrace the Night;
Curse the Dawn;
Hunt the Moon
Midnight’s Daughter;
Death’s Mistress;
Fury’s Kiss
Paul Cornell
London Falling
Elaine Cunningham
Shadows in the Starlight;
Shadows in the Darkness
Shirley Damsgaard
Witch Way to Murder;
Charmed to Death;
The Trouble with Witches;
Witch Hunt;
The Witch is Dead;
The Witch’s Grave;
The Seventh Witch
S.J. Day
Eve of Darkness;
Eve of Destruction;
Eve of Chaos;
Eve of Warfare;
Eve of Sin City
Mark Del Franco
Unshapely Things;
Unquiet Dreams;
Unfallen Dead;
Unperfect Souls;
Uncertain Allies
Skin Deep;
Face Off
Jocelynn Drake
Pray for Dawn;
Wait for Dusk;
Burn the Night
Carole Nelson Douglas
Dancing With   Werewolves;
Brimstone Kiss;
Vampire Sunrise
P.N. Elrod
Art in the Blood;
Fire in the Blood;
Chill in the Blood;
Dark Sleep;
Lady Crymsyn;
Cold Streets;
Song in the Dark;
Dark Road Rising
Jennifer Estep
Spider’s Bite;
Web of Lies;
Tangled Threads;
Spider’s Revenge;
By a Thread;
Widow’s Web
Jasper Fforde
The Eyre Affair;
Lost in a Good Book;
The Well of Lost Plots;
Something Rotten;
The Big Over Easy;
First Among Sequels;
The Woman Who Died A Lot
Jeaniene Frost
Halfway to the Grave;
One Foot in the Grave;
At Grave’s End;
Destined for an Early Grave;
This Side of the Grave;
One Grave at a Time
Neil Gaiman
American Gods;
Anansi Boys;
Yasmine Galenorn
Dragon Wytch;
Night Huntress;
Demon Mistress;
Bone Magic;
Harvest Hunting;
Blood Wyne;
Courting Darkness;
Shaded Vision;
Shadow Rising
Kelly Gay
The Better Part of Darkness;
The Darkest Edge of Dawn;
The Hour of Dust and Ashes
Laura Anne Gilman
Staying Dead;
Curse the Dark;
Bring it on;
Burning Bridges;
Free Fall;
Blood from Stone
Hard Magic;
Pack of Lies;
Tricks of the Trade;
Dragon Justice
Chris Marie Green
Night Rising;
Midnight Reign;
Break of Dawn;
A Drop of Red;
The Path of Razors;
Deep in the Woods
Simon R. Green
Something About the Nightside;
Agents of Light and Darkness;
Nightingale’s Lament;
Hex and the City;
Paths Not Taken;
Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth;
A Walk on the Nightside;
Hell to Pay;
The Unnatural Inquirer;
Just Another Judgement Day;
The Good, the Bad and the Uncanny;
A Hard Day’s Knight;
The Bride Wore Black Leather
Kate Griffin
A Madness of Angels;
The Midnight Mayor;
The Neon Court;
Minority Council
Justin Gustainis
Black Magic Woman;
Evil Ways;
Sympathy for the Devil
Hard Spell
Laurell K. Hamilton
Guilty Pleasures;
The Laughing Corpse;
Circus of the Damned;
The Lunatic Cafe;
Bloody Bones;
The Killing Dance;
Burnt Offerings;
Blue Moon;
Obsidian Butterfly;
Narcissus in Chains;
Cerulean Sins;
Incubus Dreams;
Danse Macabre;
The Harlequin;
Blood Noir;
Skin Trade;
Hit List;
Kiss the Dead
Molly Harper
Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs;
Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men;
Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever;
Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors
Charlaine Harris
Dead Until Dark;
Living Dead in Dallas;
Club Dead;
Dead to the World;
Dead as a Doornail;
Definitely Dead;
All Together Dead;
From Dead to Worse;
Dead and Gone;
Dead in the Family;
Dead Reckoning;
Dead Ever After
Kim Harrison
Dead Witch Walking;
The Good, The Bad and The Undead;
Every Which Way But Dead;
A Fistful of Charms;
For A Few Demons More;
The Outlaw Demon Wails;
White Witch, Black Curse;
Black Magic Sanction;
Pale Demon;
A Perfect Blood;
Ever After
Kevin Hearne
Christina Henry
Black Wings;
Black Night;
Black Howl
Mark Henry
Happy Hour of the   Damned;
Road Trip of the   Living Dead;
Battle of the   Network Zombies
Jeannie Holmes
Blood Law;
Blood Secrets
Nancy Holzner
Dead Town;
Hell Forged
Chris Howard
Salt Water Witch;
Sea  Throne;
The Wreath of Poseidon
Tanya Huff
Blood   Price;
Blood Trail;
Blood Lines;
Blood Pact;
Blood Debt;
Blood Bank
Hannah Jayne
Under Wraps;
Under Attack;
Under Suspicion
Suzanne Johnson
Royal Street;
River Road
Darynda Jones
First Grave on the Right;
Second Grave on the Left;
Third Grave Dead Ahead;
For I have Sinned
Richard Kadrey
Sandman Slim;
Kill the Dead;
Aloha From Hell;
Devil Said Bang
Stacia Kane
Personal Demons;
Demon Inside;
Demon Possessed
Unholy Ghosts;
Unholy Magic;
City of Ghosts
Jackie Kessler
Hell’s Belles;
The Road to Hell;
Hotter Than Hell
Caitlín R. Kiernan
Low Red Moon;
Daughter of Hounds;
The Red Tree
Caitlin Kittredge
Night Life;
Pure Blood;
Second Skin;
Witch Craft;
Daemon’s Mark
Mercedes Lackey
Burning Water;
Children of the   Night;
Jinx High
John Levitt
Dog Days;
New Tricks;
Play Dead
J F Lewis
Maria Lima
Matters of the   Blood;
Blood Bargain;
Blood Kin;
Blood Heat;
Blood Sacrifice
Karen MacInerney
Howling at the Moon;
On the Prowl;
Leader of the Pack
Cheyenne   McCray
Demons Not Included;
No Werewolves Allowed;
Vampires Not Invited;
Zombies Sold Separately;
Vampires Dead Ahead
Seanan McGuire
Rosemary and Rue;
A Local Habitation;
An Artificial Night;
Late Eclipses;
One Salt Sea
Suzanne McLeod
The Sweet Scent of Blood;
The Cold Kiss of Death;
The Bitter Seed of Magic;
The Shifting Price of Prey
Richelle Mead
Succubus Blues;
Succubus on Top;
Succubus Dreams;
Succubus Heat;
Succubus Shadows;
Succubus Revealed
Storm Born;
Thorn Queen;
Iron Crowned;
Shadow Heir
Kelly Meding
Three Days to Dead;
As Lie the Dead;
Another Kind of Dead;
Wrong Side of Dead
China Miéville
Perdido Street Station;
The Scar;
The Iron Council
Karen Marie   Moning
Devon Monk
Magic to the Bone
Magic in the Blood
Magic in the Shadows
Magic on the Storm
Magic at the Gate
Magic on the Hunt
Magic on the Line
Magic Without Mercy
C.E. Murphy
Urban Shaman;
Thunderbird Falls;
Coyote Dreams;
Walking Dead;
Demon Hunts;
Spirit Dances;
Raven Calls;
Mountain Echoes
Justine Musk
Lord of Bones
Chloe Neill
Some Girls Bite;
Friday Night Bites;
Twice Bitten;
Hard Bitten;
Drink Deep;
Biting Cold;
House Rules
Nicole Peeler
Tempest Rising;
Tracking the Tempest;
Tempest’s Legacy;
Eye of the Tempest;
Tempest’s Fury
Vicki Pettersson
The Scent of Shadows;
The Taste of Night;
The Touch of Twilight;
City of Souls;
Cheat the Grave;
Neon Graveyard
The Taken
Kalayna Price
Grave Witch;
Grave Dance;
Grave Memory
Jennifer Rardin
Once Bitten, Twice Shy;
Another One Bites the Dust;
Biting the Bullet;
Bitten to Death;
One More Bite;
Bite Marks;
Bitten in Two;
The Deadliest Bite
Kristopher Reisz
Natasha Rhodes
Dante’s Girl;
The Last Angel;
Circus of Sins
Kat Richardson
Lilith Saintcrow
Working for the Devil;
Dead Man Rising;
The Devil’s Right Hand;
Saint City Sinners;
To Hell and Back;
Night Shift;
Hunter’s Prayer;
Redemption Alley;
Flesh Circus;
Heaven’s Spite;
Angel Town
Wm Mark Simmons
One Foot in the Grave;
Dead on My Feet;
Habeas Corpses;
Dead Easy
Jeri Smith-Ready
Wicked Game;
Bad to the Bone;
Bring on the Night;
Lust for Life
Diana Rowland
Mark of the Demon;
Blood of the Demon;
Secrets of the Demon
M.J. Scott
Shadow Kin;
Blood Kin
Thomas E. Sniegoski
A Kiss Before the Apocolypse;
Dancing on the Head of a Pin;
Where Angels Fear to Tread;
A Hundred Words for Hate;
In the House of the Wicked
Jeanne C. Stein
The Becoming;
Blood Drive;
The Watcher;
S M Stirling
A Taint in the Blood;
The Council of Shadows
Anton Strout
Dead to Me;
Deader Still;
Dead Waters;
Dead Matter
Shanna Swedson
Enchanted Inc;
Once Upon Stilletos;
Damsel Under Stress;
Don’t Hex with Texas
Mark Teppo
Rob Thurman
Trick of the Light;
The Grimrose Path
Michael Underwood
Carrie Vaughn
Kitty and the Midnight Hour;
Kitty Goes to Washington;
Kitty Takes a Holiday;
Kitty and the Silver Bullet;
Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand;
Kitty Raises Hell;
Kitty’s House of Horrors;
Kitty Goes to War;
Kitty’s Big Trouble;
Kitty Steals the Show
Rachel Vincent
Blood Bound;
Shadow Bound
Phaedra Weldon
Jaye Wells
Red-Headed Stepchild;
The Mage in Black;
Green-Eyed Demon;
Silver-Tongued Devil;
Blue-Blooded Vamp
Chuck Wendig
Kit Whitfield
Eileen Wilks
Tempting Danger;
Mortal Danger;
Blood Lines;
Night Season;
Mortal Sins;
Blood Magic;
Blood Challenge;
Death Magic;
Mortal Ties

27 comments on “Books & Authors

  1. Thanks for adding me to the “Next Generation,” Lindsay. I can’t figure out how to upload a jpg of the BLACK MAGIC WOMAN cover to this comment, but you can copy one from my website, if you like.

  2. I can’t remember any vampires in Mike Carey’s stuff. Ghosts and werewolves certainly.

    Great site though, gave me some new authors to look up.

  3. Ok, I have to come back and give you all big hugs and thanks you’s.

    I just finished Meljean Brook’s Demon Night and I have fallen uttelry, utterly in love with it. I will now have to back track and read the first two novels and if they are nearly as good as Demon Night then I’m one happpy chappy.

    And I would never have found her if not for you guys.

  4. Hello,
    A couple more to add to the YA line-up:
    Richelle Mead – Vampire Academy & Frostbite
    PC & Kristen Cast – The House Of Night series: Marked, Betrayed & Chosen
    Mari Mancusi – Boys That Bite, Girls That Growl, & Stake That
    Frewin Jones – The Faery Path

    A Few for the adult contemporary:
    Adrian Phoenix – A Rush Of Wings
    Karen MacInerney – Howling At The Moon
    Sharie Kohler – Marked By Moonlight
    Anton Strout – Dead To Me
    Sherrilyn Kenyon – Dark hunter/Dream Hunter books
    Gena Showalter – Atlantis books & Playing With Fire, as well as up-coming Lords Of The Underworld series
    Talia Gryphon – Key To Conflict
    Rachel Vincent – Stray & Rogue
    Alyssa Day – Atlantis Rising & Atlantis Awakening

    Some pioneers:
    Christine Feehan
    Amanda Ashley
    Maggie Shayne
    Susan Krinard

    These are just off the top of my head, if you want alot more, I could send you my “books I’ve read” & TBR lists.

    Judi-Sidhe 🙂

  5. Hi from Sweden, great tha you’ve started this site!

    I’m missing the Author Kelley Armstrong’s “Women of the Otherworld” series that starts with the title “Biten”. There is also C.E. Murphy’s The Walker papers which starts with the title “Urban Shaman”

    I’d also like to recommend Jacqueline Carey’s dark but sensual Fantasy series that starts with the title, “Kushiel’s Dart”. Thought it would fit under “If you like urban fantasy, you might also enjoy:”

    The Library Journal recently had an article about Urban Fantasy and they recommended this site 🙂

  6. hi — first of all – this site ROCKS! I’ve found some great new authors and i cannot WAIT to read their books.

    Second, Larissa Ione has a new series called the Demonica – the first is Pleasure Unbound – which feature demons and vamps and shapeshifters in a great demon run hospital.

    I thinks he would be a great addition to your list!

  7. Personally I love Jim Butcher and Mike Carey. I like this site as well! I have found many new authors and titles here. Thank you!

  8. THIS IS LIKE ONE OF MY FAVORITE SITES EVER!!!!! i have discovered a lot of new and wonderful authors and i will be more than happy to spread the good news about this site!!!
    O and if any one reads this….. is the faerie path good?? i have it but im not sure if i should start it. Any options????

  9. There is an auther I haven’t seen on any of the lists Keith R Candido he write the Supernatural series he also does Buffy The Vampire Slayer books along with Resident Evil too he has quite a few books that fit in with the categories here.

  10. Just to let you know, Marc del Franco’s series starts with Unshapely Things, then Unquiet Dreams, then Unfallen Dead.

  11. seriously i just found the best website ever 🙂 thank you!

    here’s others:

    rachel vincent – stray, rogue, pride, prey
    YA rachel vincent – my soul to take (this one’s really good)

    terry goodkind – sword of truth series
    robert jordan – wheel of time series


  12. i love UF novels… and i especially love the black dagger brotherhood and lords of the underworld series. although it’s pretty hard to get my hands on UF books here (as these books are not very popular here in my country and i live way in the boondocks roo) but it’s great to see that there are lots of poeple who like these books. 🙂

  13. You cant have a list of Urban Fantasy authors/books without J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series and Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed Series. Cant put those down. Thanks for the list. I’m in need of new suggestions since I’m going through my list of recommended books fast.

  14. Just wanted to say that I definitely love your recommendations in the UF line and appreciate the distinction you make between UF and paranormal romance. It would be cool if you could also add Richard Kadrey’s “Sandman Slim” here, and (I haven’t yet lol) I’m just going to see if there’s a review on here for the book. Easily one of the best urban fantasies of the decade, and of 2009 😉

  15. The Fever Series is wonderful by Karen Marie Moning. Darkferver is the first book. Dark Urban Fantasy, Fey, Vampires (Shades) Unseelie, Seelie, Sindee Seer…intense and keeps you on the edge. Not HEA, but I hear the last book 5 (the final of the series) coming out next year is. Reminds me a bit of Kim Harrison.

  16. Karina Halle’s series ‘Experiments in Terror’ and Elizabeth Hunter’s ‘Elemental Mysteries’. Both self-published and some of the very best writing you can hope to find in this genre.

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