Contributors Wanted

I’m looking to add contributors to the site, freelance writers interested in writing book reviews and articles. I have lots of interest from publishers and authors looking for reviews and interviews, but only so much of me to go around.

Not just urban fantasy! (see below)

Please send an email stating your experience, and how many posts you will contribute per week (or per month), and preferred genres. Please include links to existing examples, or include an example in the body of your email.

Send email to urbanfantasyland AT gmail DOT com

Please note, this is currently an unpaid position, but I’m working on changing that.


I’d like to incorporate more steampunk, neo-Victorian and futuristic into Urban Fantasy Land. I believe the blend of genres lends itself to the same audience that adores urban fantasy. I’m also seeing some crossovers among these genres. And a lot of confusion on their definitions.

Have you read a good steampunk, neo-Victorian or futuristic lately? Want to review some?

Want to write a guest post on the difference between steampunk and gaslamp fantasy?

Send me an email with samples of your writing to urbanfantasyland at gmail dot com.


Futuristic SF/F/R: Eve Silver’s DRIVEN, Ann Aguirre’s Sirantha Jax series.

Gaslamp Fantasy/Historical UF/Neo-Victorian: Colleen Gleason, Kristen Callihan, Gail Carriger

Steampunk: Meljean Brook’s RIVETED; Cherie Priest’s BONESHAKER

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