THE DARK PROPOSAL by Megan Cashman

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Megan Cashman

Cover Copy: If your boyfriend suddenly reveals he’s a vampire, and also wants to make you one or else…what would you do?

That is the dilemma college graduate Claire McCormick faces. Her life is turned upside down when her boyfriend Daniel Bertrand reveals he is a vampire who wants her to be his companion forever. But when Claire hesitates at his proposal, her life spirals down into a nightmare. She learns the true, sinister reason why Daniel wants her to become a vampire and has to choose between becoming an bloodthirsty monster or having her and her loved ones suffer.

WARNING: contains graphic content and strong language

The Dark Proposal will be the first book in a trilogy that follows what becomes of Claire and Daniel, as well as the rest of the vampires.

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About the Author: Former freelance journalist Megan Cashman is the author of the newly released urban fantasy eBook, The Dark Proposal.

She has worked for cable news stations, both local and national, and has a master’s degree in journalism under her belt.

Born and raised on Staten Island, New York’s forgotten borough, Megan always had a love of reading and writing. Her favorite authors are Jacqueline Carey, Anne Rice, Khaled Hosseini, and Sarah Dunant. She enjoys books that take her to a different world and/or see her world differently. She hopes to do the same for her future readers.