The Sleepy Hollow Celebration Continues!

We’ve had lots of fun with Washington Irving’s tale this month, and there still more to come! Here’s a recap of the posts so far:

Guest – Adrienne Clarke – The Enduring Power of Scary Stories

Guest – Stephen Morris – Fantasy Brought to Life

Guest – Sandra Sookoo – The Headless Horseman

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow TV movie 1980

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving

Be sure to check Sandra Sookoo’s post for details on her giveaway. And the fun’s not over yet! Tomorrow we have author P.T. Michelle (Patrice Michelle) with her Sleepy Hollow inspired chase scene. Be sure to check it out! And next week, Washington Irving biographer, Brian Jay Jones will be here!

So break out the candy corn and get ready to fling pumpkins at timid school teachers– er, no. You know what I mean!