[Guest Post] Author Sandra Sookoo Takes On Her Fear of the Headless Horseman

We’re kicking off the Sleepy Hollow guest posts with author Sandra Sookoo. Her recent release is about werewolves in the Civil War! Read on for an excerpt and a giveaway! 

Thanks for having me on your blog today!

I love the legend of Sleepy Hollow. As a child it was one of my favorites. Of course, me being a Disney freak, the version that sticks close to me is the Disney version. I’ll never forget the first time I saw the headless horseman gallop onto the animated screen with a flaming pumpkin under his arm to bedevil poor Ichabod Crane!

Since then I’ve devoured every remake and version that’s been put to screen and book. One of my other favorites is the Johnny Depp version, Sleepy Hollow. To this day Christopher Walken’s portrayal of the horseman gives me the creeps. And who can forget that eerie tree that sucks people down into the ground?


This year, I’ll be experiencing a first for me. Every year the local living history museum, Conner Prairie, puts on the ride of the Headless Horseman. They have a really nice bridge over a stream there. The first time I saw it, I could well imagine the area being blanketed with chilly darkness with dry leaves crunching beneath my feet, and in the distance, the unmistakable whinny of a worse. Couple that with the mocking laughter of a headless horseman… And yes, I’m the biggest baby for scary stuff that ever lived so I’ll be the forty-year-old woman in the hayride wagon screaming her fool head off at some bit of make believe. LOL

I love this time of year—not for the scary stuff but for the imagining of the scary stuff!

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A Wolfish Tangle

In the mood for a bit of werewolf fun? I’ve brought the blurb for my latest release A WOLFISH TANGLE. It’s the sequel to A Wolfish Scandal. What could be better than a story set in the Civil War era and the hero is a werewolf besides?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

While the War Between the States grips America, Franklin Garrett fights his own battle.  A wolf shifter, he successfully manages Rutledge Estates, but he’s a failure at romance.  When an old family foes resurfaces and threatens his idyllic life, he sends his cousin Grey and his wife Lyndal away for their safety.  Unfortunately, a different sort of peril lands right on his doorstep, stirring his protectiveness and sense of duty.

Caroline Harrison’s brother is detained in Camp Morton, a Union war prison in Indianapolis. Led by intuition, she arrives at Rutledge Estates, where she’s promptly kissed by an inebriated Franklin.  Her personal desires collide with her devotion to her family and her personal promises, yet Southern charm will see her through. Though she’s had enough of arrogant men, she needs his help to spring her brother.

When the man who decimated the Rutledge wolf pack shows up, both Franklin and Caroline must figure out what’s more important in life—family or love?


A gust of wind caught a tendril of her hair. It streamed behind her in a dark ribbon. “Though I doubt the wisdom in that plan now. Southern men, and especially those in my social circle, aren’t willing to invest in a headstrong female. Whatever else I am, I will always be that.”

“There is a certain appreciation in knowing your biggest flaw is also your greatest strength.” Here was the opening he needed. “What are you searching for in a man, a mate? You’d already indicated you wouldn’t consider a werewolf, so I’m curious.” Though he attempted a nonchalant stance, he couldn’t control the wild beating of his heart. He wanted the chance to change her mind, wanted the ability to say she should try pursuing a man from Northern roots—him.

“If you’d have asked me that question a week ago, my answer would have been an adamant no to courting another werewolf.” She chewed her bottom lip.

“And now?”

Her shoulders lifted with a shrug. “I might be changing my mind.”

“Why?” He had to know.

Her breath came in shallow pants. “You, but I don’t understand why.”

“Ah.” Franklin fought the urge to bundle her into his arms. If he did that, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself with merely holding her. The passions simmering just below the surface would take over and he’d be lost. “Not all men are like your husband. Believe it or not, some of us still have honor and practice respect.”

She gathered her hair over a shoulder. The length covered one breast and brushed her waist. “I still have my doubts.”

“I see.” He rubbed a hand along his jaw. “With your earlier slip of the tongue, you said ‘courting a werewolf.’ Will you take control in your next relationship?” The scene on the train flickered through his mind. She’d been more than willing to assume control then, yet she’d let him carry the lead. She was a delightful mix of controversy.

“That depends on the man.” The corner of Caroline’s mouth quirked in a grin. She continued to gaze over the lawn, her expression intense. “I want a man who won’t seek to dominate me, but won’t allow me to dominate him either. We’d be well-matched in temperament, charm, and attraction.”

“An ambitious ideal. You might need to employ some of your Southern charm in order to seduce him first.” Despite his tenuous frame of mind, Franklin grinned. “Any man worth his salt, werewolf or not, would find you an appealing challenge. The chase goes both ways, my dear, and you’d be well worth it.” Did he make a declaration? Did she understand what he was offering?

“Would you be daring, Mr. Garrett?” She didn’t move any closer, yet her body heat seemed to twine around him, tugging at him, drawing him in. She knew.

Excitement gripped him. He hadn’t wanted anything—anyone—as much as he wanted her in that moment. “It depends on the strength of your seduction ability.”

“You weren’t immune to me in the orchard.”

“True, but it could have been an aberration.”

“There was always the train.”

“Yes, but the session didn’t go very far, did it?” Why not attempt to bait the hook and see where she’d take their teasing? Was she serious about a romantic attachment or was she seeking only to play with his emotions? “Perhaps you weren’t trying as hard as you thought, or perhaps your potency doesn’t have an effect on me.” It took all his willpower not to look at her. He kept his gaze on the verandah’s flagstones.

“Too bad you feel thusly.”

Franklin raised his eyes to her face. Hers glittered with mischief. He had to know how she saw him, needed to ascertain her interest. “Out of curiosity, how would you attempt to seduce me?”

You can purchase A WOLFISH SCANDAL here:

Publisher buy link:  http://www.lsbooks.com/a-wolfish-tangle-p703.php

All Romance buy link: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-awolfishtangle-946723-139.html

Amazon buy link:  http://www.amazon.com/A-Wolfish-Tangle-ebook/dp/B009G9T8TU/ref=sr_1_37?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1348571604&sr=1-37


And, because fall and Halloween are my most favorite times of the year, I’ve brought a giveaway. One lucky commenter will receive book swag (postcards, bookmarks, etc.) plus a free download of one of my Halloween-themed books. You can choose from: Courtesans and Thieves, Hunter’s Moon Magic or Tail on the Moon. All blurbs can be found on my website.

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  1. I’ve always loved the Sleepy Hollow legend. The same 2 versions are my favorites! Of course who wouldn’t live Johnny as Icabod Crane?

    The live ride sounds awesome. I’d love to do that one day. Have fun!

    RG (Robin) Calkins

  2. I’m older and remember the non-animated version Disney used to show. It scared the bejeebers out of me every time, but I still never missed it. I’m also a fan of the Johnny Depp version. Hang on tight to Mr. S when you take that hay ride!

  3. Great post – I definitely agree and love the Johnny Depp version. I could watch it again and again. Though never alone or with the lights dimmed. And when I watch it I get scared turning the lights off. Can’t wait to read your latest! I’m garnering a large S Sookoo Keeper Shelf.
    judy dot jarvie curlyat yahoo dot com

  4. Hi Sandra that sure sounds like fun. Don’t lose your voice. LOL. I love Johhny Depp in any movie. Don’t enter me as I have all those books.
    Sue B

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