[Indie Sunday] THE PROBLEM WITH BLACK MAGIC by Karen Mead

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Karen Mead

Cover Copy: Fiercely independent Cassie Tremblay divides her time between working
the cash register at her neighborhood coffee shop and studying to
produce the grades to get into a top-tier university. Sam, a
mysterious co-worker at The Daily Grind, seems to have taken an
instant dislike to her, but for Cassie, the looming specter of the SAT
Verbal section is a much bigger concern.

After a freak accident nearly leaves Cassie and her co-workers dead, a
spell cast in desperation transforms her from a regular teen to a
valuable familiar: a magical well a demon can tap. As if she didn’t
have enough problems, now every demon (and their monstrous minions)
seems to be after Cassie’s latent magic, and will stop at nothing to
possess her.

Blending a hint of gothic romance with wry humor, The Problem With
Black Magic is a tale of one young woman’s struggle for independence
in a brand new world of sorcery, intrigue, and wonder.

Book is currently available exclusively on Amazon Kindle:

About the Author: Karen Mead was born on Long Island, New York and still lives
there because she’s too lazy to move. As a journalist/editor, Karen
lives the double life of writer by day…writer by night. Okay, so
maybe it’s not much of a double life. When not writing for work or for
fun, Karen also enjoys drawing, playing games, playing with her My
Little Ponies (which she liked BEFORE it was cool) and watching anime.

Currently, Karen is working on the as-of-yet-unnamed sequel to The
Problem With Black Magic, with a tentative Holiday 2012 release date.
It probably won’t be called The Problem With Cake, but it’s not
completely out of the question.

In addition to writing about Cassie’s adventures in the Familiar
series, she also hopes to one day publish a fantasy YA series
featuring her own illustrations.