Free Reads: Ilona Andrews, New Pages here, and 4 chapters of Kate Locke’s GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

Ilona Andrews will be posting pieces of CLEAN SWEEP for free reading each week. Cool! Free serial novel.  Make sure you bookmark it or put in your RSS reader. 


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Read the first four chapters of Kate Locke’s GOD SAVE THE QUEEN for free.

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Cover Copy: Queen Victoria rules with an immortal fist.

The undead matriarch of a Britain where the Aristocracy is made up of werewolves and vampires, where goblins live underground and mothers know better than to let their children out after dark. A world where being nobility means being infected with the Plague (side-effects include undeath), Hysteria is the popular affliction of the day, and leeches are considered a delicacy. And a world where technology lives side by side with magic. The year is 2012.

Xandra Vardan is a member of the elite Royal Guard, and it is her duty to protect the Aristocracy. But when her sister goes missing, Xandra will set out on a path that undermines everything she believed in and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to topple the empire. And she is the key-the prize in a very dangerous struggle.