Things I Learned from The Once and Future Podcasts – Justin Gustainis edition

This week I listened to author Anton Strout interview Justin Gustainis, author of two UF series: the Quincy Morris series and the Occult Investigations series. Here are a few things I learned:

— Anton describes what happens when he gets an edit letter. If you ever wondered what an author goes through after an editor has read the manuscript, Anton explains.

— Sometimes the Once and Future Podcast does giveaways. I need to start listening to the newest shows.

— The hero of Justin’s Quincy Morris series is based on a character from Bram Stoker’s DRACULA. Justin’s character is a descendant of the vampire killer, carrying on a family tradition.

— Justin talks about what it was like trying to break into publishing before there was an Internet.

— When not being an author, Justin is a professor. So when does a professor find the time to write? What’s in his office? (I want the posters.)

— Justin was once a speech writer and a bodyguard. He tells Anton what both of those jobs entailed.

— Justin and Anton discuss how to handle bad reviews. This is excellent advice for all authors and writers.

— Justin writes in silence or to a soundtrack. Find out which soundtrack.

— Justin reads urban fantasy, but not as often as he’d like to.

— And finally, Justin says there are three things required of every writer in order to be published . . .

. . . listen to the podcast to find out about all of this and more.