10 SF/F Authors Discuss the Future of Urban Fantasy

SF Signal posted thoughts from 10 SF/F authors on the future of urban fantasy. I’m not sure why some of these responses were included. Some authors don’t seem to know the genre very well, and even seem to dislike it. Overall, the authors seem to agree that the concepts of urban fantasy will remain, but some would like to see the label go.

Thoughts? Have you read these opinions? Agree or Disagree?


3 comments on “10 SF/F Authors Discuss the Future of Urban Fantasy

    • It’s also interesting to think authors can predict the future of a genre at all. Authors have no say. If you want an accurate prediction, talk to the bean counters at publishers. They’re the ones who look at buying trends and determine if a book will be bought and for how much.

      However, knowing it’s all in the hands of bean counters means the future of UF is also in the hands of readers. The buying power of the people.

  1. No way will the bean counters run it while they still don’t really recognize it.
    Urban Fantasy would not exist if the bean counters had their way. Go into any bookshop (there are still some left) and look for the urban fantasy shelves. Not there. Go to Amazon and the nearest you’ll get is ‘Contemporary Fantasy’.
    Then go look at what’s selling.
    This reminds me a little of the great ‘what is SF’ debate. One wise writer shrugged and said ‘it’s what people point at and say “that’s SF”‘. The readers know what UF is and will continue to buy it. Until bean counters have a box to put it in, they’ll remain blindfolded.
    Authors have a say, unless they’re completely contracted in to agents and publishers…
    And, yes, the buying power of the people.

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