Kobo Deals: Urban Fantasy Story Collections and a paranormal romance

Kim Harrison’s “Pet Shop Boys” is finally available for Kobo:
Short Story
PET SHOP BOYS: A Short Story by Kim Harrison
From bestselling author Kim Harrison comes this original short story (to be featured in her anthology Into the Woods, October 2012) where things are most definitely not as they seem. A pet shop employee’s innocent date with a customer quickly turns disturbing rather than delightful. She and her family hold a centuries-old secret, and they want him to stay with them forever . . .


Short Story Collection
FEBRUARY THAW is the second e-collection by Tanya Huff and brings together some of the short fiction that helped define the field. From an Imperial Dragon in Toronto’s Chinatown, to a heavy metal retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, to the realization that the ancient gods are one highly dysfunctional family, Huff skews our world slightly sideways. These seven stories, each with a brand new introduction by the author, remind us that the weird and the wonderful is all around us if we only bother to look.


Short Story Collection
In Off-Duty Angel, dark witch and half-demon Eve Levine is desperate for a little entertainment while her lover, Kristof Nash, is detained in afterlife court–enough to volunteer an extra week’s worth of angel corps duty just to pass the time. Luckily something even better comes up: a real celestial bounty-hunter mission to trail a shaman, someone who might prove to be a useful lead in Kristof’s court case. Following the target goes smoothly, until he leads Eve to the British Museum, where she inadvertently steps into a secret dimensional passage and stumbles upon a far more enticing puzzle . . . and a much greater danger. Packed with suspense and surprising twists, Off-Duty Angel reveals fascinating new insights into a beloved series character.

It’s not a good sign when Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers resort to everyday activities on their long-awaited honeymoon in St. Louis. But their encroaching boredom is about to take a backseat to an unexpected threat that catches Clay’s attention. A non-pack werewolf is clearly stalking them–out to claim Elena for himself–and Clay has no intention of letting the upstart mutt spoil their romantic getaway, even if that means deceiving Elena as he pursues the rival werewolf on his own. Originally part of an anthology of supernatural romance stories, Stalked is the perfect introduction to Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series and an action-packed interlude for fans to revisit some of their favorite characters. Includes an exclusive early look at 13, the epic finale to the Otherworld series, coming July 24, 2012.

Short Story Collection
“OLD RACES : AFTERMATH, will contain at least four stories all set after the Negotiator trilogy, and will include
» Awakening, a story of the vampires
» Perchance to Dream, a Janx story reprint (the original publication was in DRAGON’S LURE)
» Aftermath, a Margrit Knight story included in the ORSSP for those who bought in before June 1, 2011

and at least one other brand-new story to fill the collection out.”
From Murphy’s website.

[paranormal romance]
TRINITY BLUE by Eve Silver
A demon in the shadows… Daemon Alexander is host to a dark trinity that must hunt and feed.

A dead body in the woods… Jen Cassaday might have just hired the killer, oh-so-seductive handyman, Daemon.

As Jen draws closer to a man she cannot resist, her deepest desires war with his dark secrets.

NOTE: Trinity Blue is a short novella that first appeared in print in the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance. The story has been revised and expanded for its digital release. It is a stand-alone story that is loosely related to the books set in the Compact of Sorcerers world.