Have you seen this week’s featured Indie Sunday novels?

We have a couple of great Indie Sunday novels for you to check out this week:

SLEIGHT OF HAND by Mark Henwick
“Vampires are the flickering illusions of Hollywood. They don’t exist. We do. We are the Athanate.”

For Amber Farrell, post-military life as a PI has its ups and downs: She’s been hit by a truck. She’s being sued by a client. Denver’s newest drug lord just put out a contract on her. The sinister Athanate want her to come in for a friendly chat. And it’s only Tuesday.

Enter Jennifer Kingslund: rich, gorgeous—a tough businesswoman who’s known for getting what she wants in the boardroom and the bedroom. Someone’s trying to sabotage her new resort and destroy her company—and she wants Amber to find out who.

The answers lead Amber past Were and Adept, right back to the Athanate—and a centuries-old war that could threaten not just Denver, but the nation that Amber swore to protect and serve.

And all sides want to claim her for their own…

HEXCOMMUNICATED by Rafael Chandler

“I screwed the suppressor onto my pistol as the Nosferodent scaled the castle wall. Hell of a way to kick off the North Carolina State Fair.”

Murderous Soultergeists prepare a gruesome ambush in a Cary hotel. A
massive Frankenstitch lumbers towards a quiet Apex farmhouse. And above a derelict asylum in Raleigh, a disembodied Skelekinetic deploys a horrific weapon.

Agent Nick Tepes is a Vampoule, a synthetic vampire specializing in
counterterrorism operations. When his team picks up chatter about an
imminent attack from the Al-Hazred terrorist network, Tepes and his
unit of FAE operatives move to intercept.

However, a psychic has already seen the future: as the sun comes up,
the terrorists will strike, and Tepes will die. The team has one night
to prevent this prophecy from coming true, but the psychics of Hex
Division are never wrong…


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