Things I Learned from Once and Future Podcasts — Amber Benson part 1

Urban fantasy author Anton Strout hosts the Once & Future podcasts where he interviews other authors. The first one I listened to is the Ann Aguirre edition. I learned a few things. Things that surprised me. So naturally, I was curious to see what else I might learn about other authors, so listened to another edition of the Once & Future podcast. I might very well be addicted now.

Amber Benson is the author of the Calliope Reaper-Jones urban fantasy series: DEATH’S DAUGHTER, CAT’S CLAW, SERPENT’S STORM, and HOW TO BE DEATH. (She also happened to play Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

Anton interviewed Amber for the Once & Future podcast, and here are a few things I learned from that interview (the first of two parts, and I hear Amber has turned the tables on Anton and interviewed him for the podcast. Should be interesting.):

– What it’s like to be near Joss Whedon. Both authors have been in close proximity to the great creator/director and they swap stories.

– Amber talks about what it’s like to work with a co-writer.

– Amber tells the story of how she got into acting. And how she went from acting to writing.

– Anton tells a story about why he thinks George R.R. Martin believes him to be crazy.

– Amber wanted to be a mythologist when she was a kid.

– She once “attacked” Neil Gaiman in a coffee shop.

– and Amber can now be seen acting in a web series called “Count Jeff”: