[Admin] A Guide to the New Look & Layout

You may notice a bit of a difference around Urban Fantasy Land. Aside from the new colour scheme and banner graphic, I’ve simplified the side bar and moved a few things around.

Recent reviews can now be found in the image strip under the menu bar. Recent author interviews can now be found in brief list in the sidebar. (Watch for more interviews coming soon!)

The links to Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads can now be found in the menu bar under the banner, and the new look has been applied to all three locations.

I’ve added a new feature to the weekly line-up. Sundays are now devoted to indie authors (self-published and small press published authors). To find out more about how you can be added to Indie Sundays, please send me an email. (urbanfantasyland at gmail dot com) Note: September is now full. I’m now taking submissions for October.

Posts are still syndicated to Facebook and then to Twitter. I’ve been experiencing problems with the posts I read in my Facebook feed. Sometimes posts randomly show up weeks after they were created. If you’re experiencing this with UFL, I recommend using the Follow button found in the sidebar, or a blog reader service like Google Reader. (I personally love my Google Reader.) I am rapidly falling out of love with Facebook.

If anything appears to be not working, please let me know. Thanks and happy reading!