[Indie Sunday] A DARK CORNER by J.A. Psoras

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J.A. Psoras

Cover Copy: Eric wants to be normal. But hiding in dark corners as a shifter doesn’t make it easy.

Drawn by a vision, Eric goes to the Big City to find his destiny. Alluring Carly is all he’s ever wanted in a girl. But Janis, her conniving “besty,” always manages to intercept. All of Carly’s circle, a group of fast-paced rock n’ rollers, are changing. Each corrupted by the seductive front man of burgeoning rock group, “Myth. ” Seth’s mysterious. Irresistible to women. A dangerous guy with his own secrets and a very dark agenda. His sinister plans include Eric and Carly as she grapples between an unnatural fixation with Seth and a secret crush on Eric.

Fixated on raising hell, Seth hasn’t counted on one detail: if Eric and Carly (who’s about to discover her own supernatural twist) ever do get together, they just might be more than he can handle.

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About the Author: J.A. Psoras is a lifelong Philadelphian who often dreams up fantasy and science fiction stories while in front of a bowl of noodles in Chinatown. An admitted chocolate-lover, a perfect afternoon might include a mouthful of mint M&Ms and a keyboard at her fingertips. She studied art history and creative writing on academic scholarship. In between baking and admiring butterflies and birds, she’s working on urban fantasies and approachable, literary-infused sci-fi.

Her short fiction has appeared and is forthcoming in Aphelion and Schrodinger’s Mouse.

A Dark Corner is her debut novel. The sequel, A Dark Revelation, is in the works.

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