CW to Reinvent Wonder Woman

I used to love watching Lynda Carter play Diana Prince and her alter ego Wonder Woman. The show was great fun, and like the rest of the world, I’ve been waiting for a remake. Just the other day I was wondering what happened to the Wonder Woman remake someone was working on over a year and a half ago. Then yesterday came this announcement of script development for a young Wonder Woman by the CW network.

But there’s going to have to be a few changes to the Wonder Woman we’re used to seeing.

She needs a motivation. She needs something more meaningful than saving Steve or breaking up a spy ring. After the success of the Spiderman franchise, she would need a personal motivation and connection at least as strong as Peter Parker’s.

In the TV series, she fought other Amazons to take Steve back to the U.S., and then she stayed because she cared about him, but the romantic thread was dropped from the show. There is no woman on earth who is going to break up a spy ring, disguise herself as a nurse, and then work as a man’s receptionist, just to “be friends”. This could have been her flaw, her weakness, similar to Clark Kent’s infatuation with Lois Lane. Instead, it seems to have only been an excuse to get Wonder Woman on American soil. 

She needs to come from more traditional Amazonian myths and legends. Forget the lasso and bullet-deflecting bracelets. She needs a bow and some arrows. She needs a battle-ax. She needs to be as fierce as the legendary Amazon women we’ve come to know.

She needs a villain that is believably as strong as she is. But Diana is a child of the gods, gifted with talents and special abilities from the gods. Who could possibly get an edge on her? How would they do it?

These are some of the challenges faced in bringing Wonder Woman to today’s audiences and likely some of the reasons why we’ve yet to see a reboot of Wonder Woman. In short, she’s too perfect. She’s beautiful, rich, powerful and intelligent. Her tools include the ability to imitate voices, deflect bullets, and with her lasso, get people to give up the truth. She flies an invisible jet. It’s hard to build on that.

Telling the story of her younger years when she’s just developing her powers is a great idea. I’m looking forward to it.