[Indie Sunday] COME HELL OR HIGH WATER by Stephen Morris

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Stephen Morris

Cover Copy: PRAGUE, SEPTEMBER 1356. A mob swarms on the Old Town Square set on lynching Fen’ka, an old woman accused of witchcraft. Is she a harmless old “wise woman,” skilled in the use of herbs or is she a conjurer of pagan gods and Christian devils? In her dying fury as the flames consume her at the stake, she shrieks a vengeful curse against the mob and the city….

PRAGUE, SPRING 2002. Magdalena, a young woman bored with her clerical job at the university, is visited by Fen’ka’s ghost while wandering under the majestic Charles Bridge. Magdalena, touched by the old woman’s plight, feels compelled to prove the old woman innocent. In her quest to avenge Fen’ka, she seeks help from forces that will – unknown to Magdalena – unleash a dark power not seen in centuries….

“A historically rich page-turner set in medieval Easter Europe…. The author, a veritable Dan-Brown-of-Prague, weaves his tale through time showing how the nefarious events of the past never die and live on in the present as dark memories that lurk in every nook and cranny of the picturesque capital of the modern-day Czech Republic.” (Journal of Monsters and the Monstrous)

COME HELL OR HIGH WATER is infused with carefully researched authentic medieval and pre-industrial magical practices, some taken from records of actual witchcraft accusations and trials, and folk rituals. Prague, long the occult center of Bohemia, is known for its mysterious folk-legends and spectral haunting. Morris includes some of the most infamous in his chilling tale of magic and evil.

Book Available at:
Kindle and paperback on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Come-Hell-High-Water-Part/dp/0984773126/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1346427751&sr=8-1&keywords=come+hell+morris

eBook on Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/come-hell-or-high-water-part-one-stephen-morris/1111794614?ean=2940014626972

About the Author: Stephen has degrees in medieval history and theology from Yale and St. Vladmir’s Orthodox Theological Academy. A former priest, he served as the Eastern Orthodox chaplain at Columbia University. His previous academic writing has dealt primarily with Late Antiquity and Byzantine church life. “Come Hell or High Water” is his debut novel.

He is also the Chair of the CORE Executive of Inter-disciplinary.net and organizes annual conferences on aspects of the supernatural, evil and wickedness, and related subjects. It was an I-D.net project that took him to Prague for the first time in 2001 and he immediately fell in love with the city! He has been back many, MANY times!

Stephen, a Seattle native, is now a long-time New York resident and currently lives in Manhattan with his partner, Elliot.

You can e-mail Stephen here: Comehellorhighwaterprague@yahoo.com