Looking for Reviewers, Guest Reviews, and Guest Posts

I’m still looking to add reviewers to the team. Must love urban fantasy. 🙂

I’m especially interested in adding individuals to take on reviewing YA urban fantasy, and paranormal romance for YA and adults, in addition to adding more reviewers of urban fantasy. Send links to your reviews so I can get an idea of your voice. Also, please indicate how often you can post. If you’ve never posted a review before, write a sample review and send that. If you’re interested, please email:

urbanfantasyland AT gmail DOT com

[Note: this is currently a non-paying, strictly for the love gig, but it is great experience and something to add to your resume.]

If you’re already a book blogger and would like to grow your audience, I’d be happy to post a guest review from you. I’d also be happy to post an interview with you and hear more about your site.

Guest posts from authors always welcome! Please email me.