Things I Learned from Once & Future Podcasts — Ann Aguirre

Urban fantasy author Anton Strout hosts the Once & Future podcasts where he interviews other authors. The first one I listened to is the Ann Aguirre edition. I learned a few things. Things that surprised me. Things that I can never unlearn.

1. Like Anton, Ann Aguirre is a gamer. She plays online at the Star Wars Old Republic.

2. She once spent three weeks straight in her pajamas when SWOR first came out.

3. Ann Aguirre recommends Amanda Stevens’s The Graveyard Queen series.

4. She also talks about her writing process, from start to finish, including her favourite and least favourite part of writing.

5. They’re both Star Wars fans.

6. Anton was once a Twi’lek dancer.

(Can’t unlearn that now, can you? *grin*)

Be sure to listen to the podcast to hear the whole interview and learn lots more about these authors!