[Review] FROSTBITTEN by Kelley Armstrong

[This is the tenth in a series of posts counting down to the last in Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series, THIRTEEN, set for release July 24, 2012. ~~ 1.BITTEN; 2. STOLEN; 3. DIME STORE MAGIC; 4. INDUSTRIAL MAGIC; 5. HAUNTED; 6. BROKEN; 7. NO HUMANS INVOLVED; 8. PERSONAL DEMON; 9. LIVING WITH THE DEAD]

FROSTBITTEN is the tenth book in the Women of the Otherword series, and a return of Elena the werewolf as narrator.

From the back cover: There’s nothing the werewolf community dislikes more than calling attention to itself, so when a pair of rogue man-eaters begins hunting humans outside Anchorage, Elena and her husband, Clay, journey to Alaska in the dead of winter in order to hunt down the dangerous predators. The northern wilderness is a harsh landscape in the best of conditions, but with a pack of wayward werewolves on the loose, it’s downright deadly.

Trapped in this savage, untamed winter realm, plagued by ghosts from their past, Elena and Clay learn more than they bargained for about their own beasts within. And their bond will be put to the ulitmate test as they follow the bloody trail of gruesom slayings.

My thoughts:  FROSTBITTEN starts with a bang as Elena takes us through a fantastic chase scene as she tries to capture a young werewolf. He escapes to Alaska and she boards a plane, missing home, but still determined to get to the werewolf.

Elena meets with her husband, Clay, on the plane in one of my favourite scenes in the book. I love big romantic gestures and this certainly fits. Clay’s romantic side with Elena is a nice balance to his cruel and heartless demeanor as pack enforcer and Jeremy’s bodyguard, and yet he is never controlling or over-protective. One of the things I love about the Elena-Clay relationship.

The two arrive in Alaska, and it’s non-stop adrenaline rush, action-packed hunt for the runaway werewolf and their missing friend.

This story also looks at ancient werewolf mythology and the possibility of a bigfoot/yeti: the Inuit Wendigo.

In this story, Elena has to deal with problems from her past, buried memories of child molestation, and future problems– she’s been named Jeremy’s heir to the pack. One day Elena will be Alpha. Armstrong deftly incorporates both of these complications into the action of the story, making Elena’s development very real, very believable.

Rating: A
Series: Women of the Otherworld
Publisher: Vintage Canada/Random House, 2010
Acquired: Purchase

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