Agent Kristin Nelson says editors are not buying UF

On her blog, Pub Rants, Kristin Nelson says:

If you are working on an urban fantasy, you might be out of luck. Every SF&F editor I chatted with while in New York was being inundated by urban fantasy submissions and with some rare exceptions, were not buying them.

This is bad news for the urban fantasy world.

If you love urban fantasy, quick — go out and buy a book! Try a new author!



2 comments on “Agent Kristin Nelson says editors are not buying UF

  1. In my experience, *some* are – here in the UK anyway – *if* they are YA and have a young female protagonist, anything else, forget it…. which was bad news for me, certainly.

    • Sorry to hear it, Maya. I’m in the same boat. I’m even finding it hard to get some to look at a YA with a female protagonist. Hopefully buying power will change things.

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