[Review] DIME STORE MAGIC by Kelley Armstrong

[This is the third in a series of posts counting down to the last in the Otherworld series, THIRTEEN, set for release July 24, 2012. ~~ 1.BITTEN 2. STOLEN]

Cover Copy: Paige Winterbourne was always either too young or too rebellious to succeed her mother as leader of one of the world’s most powerful elite organizations– the American Coven of Witches. Now that she is twenty-three and her mother is dead, the Elders can no longer deny her. But even Paige’s wildest antics can’t hold a candle to those of her new charge– an orphan who is all too willing to use her budding powers for evil . . . and evil is all too willing to claim her. For this girl is being pursued by a dark faction of the supernatural underworld. They are a vicious group who will do anything to woo the young, malleable, and extremely powerful neophyte, including commit murder– and frame Paige for the crime. It’s an initiation into adulthood, womanhood, and the brutal side of magic, and Paige will have to do everything within her power to make sure they both survive.

My Thoughts: As I mentioned before, DIME STORE MAGIC was the first book by Kelley Armstrong I found. I immediately fell in love. Armstrong really finds her voice with this novel.

In the prologue, we meet the limo driver for cabal leader Kristoff Nast. We immediately learn the previous driver mysteriously disappeared and likely the Nasts were involved in the disappearance. The limo is pulled over by a police car, even though the driver wasn’t speeding. The female officer asks the driver to step out. She points out a broken tail light and manages to pin him to the back of the limo with her cruiser. Meet Leah. Half-demon, and one of Armstrong’s best “bad guys”. With the driver sufficiently out of the way, Leah then goes to make a deal with Kristoff. She knows where his daughter is, and she’s willing to deliver. Kristoff’s daughter happens to be Savannah Levine, the precocious witch we met in STOLEN.

Savannah is living with Paige Winterbourne, a twenty-three year old witch who has her own less-than-stellar reputation with the Coven. Now it’s up to Paige to keep Savannah safe from Leah and her group, who will stop at nothing to get the girl. Including framing Paige for murder. With the young witch coming into her powers, and all too eager to dip into some illegal dark magic, Paige really has her hands full.

It’s hard to say exactly how Armstrong’s writing has improved with this novel. The dialogue is shaper. The descriptions are fewer and more to the point.

This book made me wonder what the story would be like if told from Savannah’s point of view. So I’m all the more curious to get to the last three books of this series.

Rating: A
Series: Women of the Otherworld
Publisher: Seal Books/Random House
Acquired: Purchased

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