Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld Series is coming to an end

Although Kelley Armstrong calls the end of her series a “hiatus”, we know what that means: The End. She’s stated on her forums that there may be Otherworld-related short stories, and that may very well be, but authors don’t usually resurrect series once they’ve put them to bed. Maybe we can hope for a novel here or there, or for beloved characters to show up in other stories (like Chloe & Derek from Armstrong’s Darkest Powers series appearing in THE RISING).

Here’s what Armstrong has to say about the end of the Otherworld:

Around the time I wrote Haunted, when the Otherworld series finally seemed established, I started thinking about my end-game. I decided I wanted to stop at book 13. The character who grew up over the course of the series—Savannah—would narrate a big final trilogy. With Broken, I began laying the groundwork for that last adventure. Over the next few books, I wove in more plot threads and characters for that end-game.

Around Frostbitten, I started having second thoughts. Maybe my “end-game” could just be a shake up. After all, I still had more stories to tell.

But that got me thinking. If this wasn’t the end, what would be? Did I plan to keep writing until I was sick of these characters? Until readers were sick of them?

I decided the Otherworld deserved better. It was time to put the series aside, while I still had more stories to tell. Those stories will come, as short fiction for now and maybe, in the future as a surprise Otherworld novel or two.

Right now, I have plans for a couple of Otherworld anthologies. I’ll gather up stories and novellas from other collections. But at least half of each book would be original fiction—new adventures for my old favourites.

The final book in the Otherworld series is called THIRTEEN (or 13) and is scheduled for release July 24, 2012.

To celebrate this awesome series, we will be posting reviews of Kelley’s books over the 13 weeks leading up to THIRTEEN.