Kelley Armstrong – Early Release for THE CALLING

 On Saturday, April 7, 2012, I attended the early release & signing event for Kelley Armstrong’s The Calling at Indigo Yorkdale.

I was not prepared for the line-up.

Kelley is in a white shirt in the centre of the image.

The line started above. That tangle in the middle of the shot really an orderly zig-zag leading to the stage where Kelley did a short Q & A before signing.

The line proceeded from the zig-zag to the left . . .

Around the stairs area and to the left . . .

And further to the left, where the queue wound around the stacks in a wider zig-zag fashion.  (I was over in the stacks, in the self-help section. My total line time was 2 hours.) [No picture of the line in the stacks.]

From the front of the line to the last person in line: 4 hours.

But it was worth it.

Kelley is very friendly and signed everyone’s books no matter how many they brought.

Here I am getting copies of THE GATHERING and THE CALLING signed.

Kelley is dedicated to her fans. She said she would stay until everyone’s books had been signed. She says the latest she ever had to stay to sign everyone’s books was 4 AM. I’m so glad that was not the case on Saturday.

Have you been to a Kelley Armstrong signing? Tell us about it in the comments!