Postcards from the Fantastic: guest blogger Jaye Wells

immortal-vineyards3Hello Urban Fantasy Land!

I’m writing to you from beautiful Napa Valley, home to Immortal Vineyards. Can I just say, the visitor’s center is a hoot! They’ve done the place up to look like it’s run by real vampires. They’ve got lots of fun souvenirs, like bumper stickers that say, “Vampires do it all night long.” The wine bar is made to look like a coffin, and a bust of Bella Lugosi stands near the restrooms. Even the wine names are vampiric: Sanguinarian Shiraz, Crypt Cabernet and Killer Chianti. Not sure why they only carry reds, but I’m not complaining. I got a few weird looks when I refused to spit the wine out during the tasting, but after several glasses, I’ve stopped caring.

I need to go now. A hot guy in a cape just offered to give me a personal tour of the grounds. When my character, Sabina Kane, recomended this place, she said something about avoiding red heads, but I’m having trouble remembering why. I mention it now because my hottie tour guide looks just like Ewan McGregor. Normally, I’m not into red heads, but what the heck? I’m on vacation and the wine is making me feel a little giddy. Wish me luck!


Jaye Wells
Red-Headed Stepchild comes out March 31

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  1. I just finished reading RED-HEADED STEPCHILD and “unfortunately” I am afraid to say it was a bloody excellent, well written book filled with characters that captured my attention and stole many hours of (much needed) sleep. I can not wait for the next book to come out and that is the “unfortunate” part since waiting can (and in this case will) be torture. My only hope is that Jaye Wells writes fast, and will be inspired to dedicate all her time (day or night šŸ˜‰ to writing her next book and many more after that. Thank you for an excellent story, I look forward to reading all your books.

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