Romance Month Guest Blog: Nalini Singh

Good morning everyone! We hope you have enjoyed the guest blogs for February and would love to get your feedback and suggestions for other themes for the coming months. Our final guest blog for Romance Month is Nalini Singh. Leave a comment to be eligible to win a signed copy of a book from her Psy-Changeling series backlist. I will draw a random winner on Monday, March 2, so please check back then to see if you have won.

Welcome Nalini!
bio_colorQuite simply, I write romance because it’s what I want to write. The complexities and vagaries of human emotion fascinate me. No relationship is like another – each time, every story, it’s unique.

I also love working in this genre because it’s so very wide. I write paranormals and urban fantasy, but romance encompasses so many other types of story – including suspense, fantasy, contemporary, and historical, to name a few.

And often, even those books that aren’t labeled romance, have a romantic thread that ties everything together. Some of my favorite thriller series’ have an ongoing pair of leads whose relationship compels the reader to read from book to book. One TV. show that encapsulates this is Bones – it’s all about solving crime, but the relationship between Booth and Temperance is the glue.

For me, that thread of human connection is essential – it grounds even the most brutal story, gives it heart. (As an aside – do I want Booth and Temperance to get together? You know, I’m on the fence on this. I kinda like the tension, the will they/won’t they vibe.)

So my question for you today is, even if you’re not reading a novel with a strong romantic component, do you like a sprinkle of romance?

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Everyone who comments goes into a draw to win a signed copy of one book from my Psy/Changeling backlist (i.e. published pre-2009). The prize will be posted out in March.

37 comments on “Romance Month Guest Blog: Nalini Singh

  1. Hi Nalini!

    Yes, romance–even in a crime novel–can keep the reader turning pages, will the tension of the two characters be broken, fulfilled, released? It keeps the story moving. Romance is fun and paranormal is a favorite. I already have your gadget up on my blog, looking forward to your new book!


  2. I was just thinking about this the other day, and my answer would be yes. There are some novels that I’ve enjoyed but would have liked even better if there was some romance in it also.

    I’m agree with you on Bones & Temperance – the maybes about those two getting together is part of the shows magic. If they got together it might take out the magic of what makes it a good show. For example, IMHO, on the X-Files they should have left it with Scully & Moulder not getting together. I liked it when you weren’t sure if they would end up together or not – kept the sizzle going.

  3. I like romance in anything I read. For example, Dick Francis usually has a bit of romantic tension going on in his mystery books.

    I just finished your novella on my Kindle. I cannot wait for the book in March.

  4. That touch of Romance is nice. It is almost a human thing that is needed. Like in Bones, their romance is not a romantic on it is the relationship of them. All people need to have the relationship to have the feel of a connection among the characters. The relationship may seem to have a verge of potentially more or it maybe what all it is. When the characters blend well that is a good thing and it keeps your interest.

  5. Bones is one of my favorite tv shows. I love the “sprinkle of romance” and how the show is as much about the relationships as the crimes. I like seeing a bit of romance in shows and books, but sometimes it’s just as much fun trying to read between the lines and see how some characters could have a romantic relationship.

  6. I too like some romance in any genre books and I especially love the Psy/Changeling books. It is what adds the spice to the book.


  7. What I meant to say is…Without a doubt, it’s not a story unless it has at least a little bit of romance in it. ( I got interrupted before!)

  8. Hi Nalini

    Hmmmmm… good question. My answer would be a firm, decisive ‘it depends’! 😉

    For me, romance done well always improves a book, but sometimes it can just be done for the sake of romance (oh yeah, this is the bit where the hero’s going to do x, and then the heroine’s going to y, and they’ll end up falling in love… can we get on with the plot now, please?). That does tend to annoy me.

    But done well, as you say, that aspect of human connection can lift an otherwise ‘just-OK’ story up to ‘just amazing’

  9. Yes, I require romance on some level in my fiction books. Even if it’s just subtle sexual tension like in Ilona Andrew’s Kate Daniels series. Sometimes the characters seem like they could either tussle or kiss and that is the spark that lights my interest and keeps it burning through a series. Will they / or won’t they is sometimes just as good as the actual deed.

  10. Oh yes even if it’s not a traditonal romance I want that connection. I think we all want love so why wouldn’t we want that when we are reading. I think it’s very important because all of life is the connections that play out between people.

  11. I agree. Some romance always spices up a book nicely. As to other story elements, I like tension. The whole rise of expectation and the “oohh, wonder what’s going to happen next” moments. They definitely make reading fun.

  12. I am a romance girl at heart and I think that any book…even a suspense…can be improved with a touch of romance.

  13. I completely agree – a smackerel of romance (or a whole pot of it) can make a story just that much more compelling. I’ll occasionally take a story without it, but it had better be one well written book or else I’ll end up at the last page thinking “well, that was… fine…”

  14. Ooh – definately enjoy a sprinkle of romance, whatever the genre. I can be reading a thriller or a mystery and if it has a couple in it who have a good rapport together I am disappointed if they don’t get together before the last page!

  15. I love to have some romance in any book I am reading. I remember reading my first Louis Lamour book. Most people wouldn’t think there was romance in a western book, but it was there.

  16. I love a good romantic subplot. But I agree with some of the above posters that there can be forced ones, as if the author feels that the lead male and lead female have to have a romance for no other reason than that they’re the leads. But a well-written romance is a wonderful thing.

    And to our wonderful reviewers, I really liked romance month and would love more themes, although except for Halloween in October I can’t really think of many good ones. Maybe a werewolf book every full moon or some Irish mythology based stuff for St. Patty’s day.

  17. I do like romance in most books I read, regardless of the genre. For example, my favorite mystery writer is Elizabeth Peters/ Barbara Michaels, and her books nearly always have some romance to them, even if it’s between old marrieds like Amelia and Emerson! The one thing I don’t like is if it feels like a character was only added for the sake of romance, and doesn’t have any personality otherwise.

  18. I love me some romance!! In any genre, I prefer reading romance. 🙂


  19. Yes, I definitely like some romance in my books, and I’m with you about “Bones.” 🙂 It’s one of my favorite shows.

  20. Great post Nalini. Romance and love is an integeral part of human existance.

    No matter what people say, I think most novels have at least a romantic thread. And I have always had I like reading the darker side of love. A connection between two people is the most interesting story, and when it is set against an amazing backdrop of a dark city or a mystical land or even our own world,what could be be more perfect.

  21. Even in the more intense books I read, I need a little romance (even a little hint with a secondary character) to keep me going. It gives the characters extra life and gives them something to fight for.

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