Romance Month Guest Blog: Patrice Michelle

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patrice-michelleValentine’s Day and Paranormal Romance…a fun comparison.

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the one day where the expression of love is bigger, grander and well…out there for everyone to see.

In my mind, nothing is ‘bigger, grander and definitely as ‘out there’ as the powerful love stories you’ll find in paranormal romances. 🙂

Imagine a vampire hero who falls in love with a human, his deadliest enemy.  Her blood is so much than a food source to him, and he realizes she fulfills some deep, fundamental need; something he’d been missing in his life.

Or a werewolf who has watched over a human woman from afar for years, all because of a mistake he’d made in his past, a mistake that’s intricately tied to her.  And now he’s fallen in love with the one person who would have every reason to hate him for what he is…if she ever found out what he’d done.

Or a werewolf who’s doomed to a fate worse than death due his past youthful need for vengeance.  Now that he’s met the woman he can’t live without, they’re torn apart my dividing familial loyalties, the need to do right by their respective races and the inevitable beastly future that awaits him.

One thing all the scenarios above have in common is the potent power of love that overcomes many perceived boundaries, such as racial differences, prejudice, mistrust and vengeance.

So back my earlier Valentine’s Day/Paranormal Romance comparison…

On Valentine’s Day, cards, flowers, chocolate, candy hearts, etc are all given to show that one person in your life just how special they are.  It’s a grand gesture of love.  On that one day, you put yourself out there, professing your love and hoping to have that love returned.  In paranormal romances, even powerful, supernatural heroes and heroines have basic wants and desires, familial ties and a strong sense of loyalty to their own kind.  So alongside the supernatural world, the paranormal politics, and the paranormal mystery, an amazing, undeniable love blooms, forcing the characters to grapple with their emotions and the intricate tangle of falling in love with someone who’s “other”.  Their issues are big (human vs “other”), their obstacles grand (wars between races) but these characters are so deeply in love that they’re willing to put themselves “out there” in hopes that their love will bridge the many divides between their worlds and races.

The highly charged, volatile, ‘bigger than life’ paranormal storylines, featuring dangerous, ‘bigger than life’ heroes  and strong heroines to match them are why I love reading and writing paranormal romance.  How about you?  What draws you to paranormal stories?

Patrice Michelle

Note: The three stories listed above are the basic romantic storylines in each of my Scions books.



16 comments on “Romance Month Guest Blog: Patrice Michelle

  1. Hi Patrice,

    I think one of the things I love most about paranormals is anything is possible. I love that when dealing with paranormals when they fall in love they fall in love with their whole soul and commit totally to their new mate.

  2. As long as I can remember I have been attracted to books with a fantastical element regardless of the genre…fantasy, horror, whatever. I even have a picture of myself as a toddler sitting on a couch with my mother reading (looking) at a Munsters book! lol! So I guess it was just a natural progression to paranormal romance. Vampires are my favorite para charater, so a vamp story with some yummy goodness added in is even better! 🙂

  3. I love paranormal romance/urban fantasy. It can be magical or outrageous. Anything is possible. Vampire romance is one of my favorite because it is always a forbidden love; erotic and wonderful.

  4. Hi Michelle!

    I think because they aren’t based around real life. I mean, I don’t think I’ll ever meet a vampire or shapeshifter and fall in love. (ya never know though!)

  5. I love the article! Sounding great! I love paranormal, because, because, it’s so limited! No, it’s the complete opposite, anything and everything happens, and that’s what makes story lines so great, and strong! I’m definitely going to try and grab some of your books.

  6. I love paranormal because it just has so much to offer…you get a chance to experience something that is different but in the end you usually end up with your happily ever after. I think that it is the mysterious element.

  7. I love Paranormals because they mix so many things together. Romance, a bit of danger, a magical setting, Things that you wish were in your own life that aren’t. It also shows that a hero/heroine that may have been abused finds someone that takes them out of the hurt and into a world of love.


  8. I love paranormal romance/UF because in real life, I’m not much of a romantic and neither is the boyfriend. I mean, we’re not even celebrating tomorrow. So I feed my romantic streak those books. 🙂

  9. I love paranormals because I’ve always been fascinated with stories about vampires and werewolves, etc. and I like to read about dark brooding and erotic stories.

  10. Hi Lisa W! Yes, I so agree with you about the limitless possibilities and falling in love with the whole body and soul . From a writing perspective it’s so freeing! ☺

    Michelle, Hehe on the Munsters book! I loved all the old spooky TV shows as a kid too; Munsters and Addams Family. And of course The Superheroes, Thundar the Barbarian, Heman, etc.

    Deirdre, I’m so thrilled they’ve finally given the subgenre Urban Fantasy a name! These are the kind of stories I’ve always enjoyed. Kick up the romance and I’m in heaven.

    Dot, I agree that vampire romance does have that embedded eroticism to it that we all crave!

  11. Macbeaner, I do think since these worlds as so fantastical it makes it easier to fall into them so deeply. When an author came make me feel like that world “could” possibly exist alongside my own, that’s when I’m hooked!

    Kuri, thanks! I’m thought the article was a fun comparison. And yes, escapism is key!

    Zita, the nice thing about the “real” magic is that magic can come in many forms from soulmate recognition to a physical connection between the hero and heroine that just zings.

    Cameron, when I found how much leeway I had in the paranormal genre, I was in heaven! If you check my books out, I hope you enjoy them! ☺

  12. Lori T, Ah, I think this is the whole crux of why paranormal romance works so well. The author can take you anywhere into their new world, but they ground the characters with real life problems the reader can relate to and give their characters a Happy-Ever-After that makes the ending of that story feel…complete and brings in back to something we all understand in our lives—what it’s like to fall in love.

    Toni, I so agree with the mixing! As a writer I love, love, love the ability to create a whole new world, to weave in a mystery element and tons of actions scenes and dangerous situations. And during all that chaos and looking at things from totally different perspectives, the hero and heroine find a common ground and fall in love.

    Christine M, The escapism is part of why I love paranormal romances, too.

    Terri W, I agree a paranormal world definitely lends itself well to dark and brooding eroticism.

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