[review] WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE by Kim Harrison


The Rachel Morgan Series, Book 7

Kim Harrison

Copyright 2009, Eos Publishing

Plot Summary: Some wounds take time to heal . . . and some scars never fade.

Rachel Morgan, kick-ass witch and bounty hunter, has taken her fair share of hits, and has broken lines she swore she would never cross. But when her lover was murdered, it left a deeper wound than Rachel ever imagined, and now she won’t rest until his death is solved . . . and avenged. Whatever the cost.

Yet the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and when a new predator moves to the apex of the Inderlander food chain, Rachel’s past comes back to haunt her.

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Creature Feature: witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, pixies, fairies, gargoyles

Worldbuilding: Set in an alternate Cincinnati, Harrison’s myriad of supernatural races are out in the open and living amongst humans. Each race has their own well thought out mythology and quirks that lend themselves to the believability and originality of the world.

**Reviewer’s Note**

This book could have been called Revelations.  There are quite a few things that are revealed in this book and because we are a spoiler-free blog, it is making it extremely hard to review this book  in a plain spoken, cohesive manner.  Please forgive any cryptic allusions and feel free to come back to this post and talk about your thoughts on the book once you’ve had a chance to read it.

Storytelling:  Harrison’s ability to pull you into her world never ceases to amaze me.  A scene where Rachel recalls  a pivotal event was so heartbreaking and beautiful, it left me in tears.  Unfortunately, I had issues with several major plot points in this book that I  have included in a spoilers portion in white text.

**Spoilers [I wasn’t really happy with the way Rachel’s brother Robbie’s character was developed.  He seemed to be a supportive older brother in the beginning but when things got bad for Rachel he not only didn’t support her but convinced her mother to move out to California with him.

I also didn’t like the way her relationship with Marshal ended.  He was saying in one sentence that nobody can tell him what to do and that he is own man and leaving her due to community pressure in the next.  I know the story dictated that her relationship with him did not continue but it just seemed contrary to his nature for him to leave her the way he did.

Lastly, I was disappointed in the identity and condition of Kisten’s killer.  We waited a long time to find out and it wasn’t anyone important to the storyline and because of the condition they found this person in, the whole thing is done.  Rachel and Ivy will never really have closure.] End Spoilers**

Badass Factor:  Rachel’s nature pretty much consists of grabbing her splat gun and busting in spells a blazin’.  Usually because someone she cares about is in trouble or because she simply feels the driving need to do the right thing at any cost.  She is sometimes afraid to confront the bad guys but it never really stops her.  Rachel’s tenacity is what makes her badass in my opinion.  Mia and Holly’s ability make them bad ass opponents as well.

TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) Moments:  While it was necessary, it wasn’t the smartest thing for Rachel to go back after the antagonist(s) while she was still physically compromised from their previous encounter.  But she did it for the right reasons.  I do have to give her credit that she does weigh the consequences of more of her actions now and shows evolution but is often still ruled by emotion.

Notable Quotes:

Jenks flew ahead to get the elevator, holding it by hovering at the sensor.  Ivy wheeled me in and around.  The doors shut, and the tragic wisdom of the children’s wing was gone.  I took a breath, and my throat tightened.

“I didn’t think you would understand them,” Ivy said softly.  “They really like you.”

“Understand them?” I said raggedly, my throat still holding that lump.  “I am them.”

Buy/Borrow/By-pass:   Buy. Kim Harrison is a master storyteller and even though I had some issues with the directions some of the plot threads took, I still love her writing.  There were many tense, tender and revealing moments in the book.  Even this far in the series, her characters are still learning, growing and revealing themselves.

Lisa Trevethan

7 comments on “[review] WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE by Kim Harrison

  1. Kim Harrison is pretty much the only author I pine my days away for in anticipation of her next release. To see this review has just added to my uncontrollable need for this book! She is also the only author I buy the hard cover version of only to get the mass when it comes out so it looks better with the rest of my collection – and then I give the HC away to someone who pines for it as well.

    I didn’t even read the spoilers! I am so proud of myself!

    I want this book! Thanks for the review, too!

  2. I’m pretty much pukey-green with envy right now! This is my most eagerly anticipated book of 2009–Kim Harrison is an easy auto-buy for me. I managed to avoid the spoilers (phew), bt overal I think a very fair review. Rach has done some pretty stupid things because she rushes into situations all hot-headed like, but that’s who she is 🙂 And she’s totally getting better at not being such an emotional martyr. What can I say, I love her! Thanks for the great early review–I cannot wait to get my greedy paws on this one!

  3. Cat – She is and will remain an auto-buy for me. I ❤ her muchly.

    Thea – I was very lucky. I think because this is such an extended story arc that her progression is slow but I have to give her credit for her tenacity. Rache is Rache, yanno, and that’s why we all love her so. 😉

  4. I’ve been priveleged enough to get to read this book already and I completely agree with what you said about Kisten’s killer and Robbie.
    There were alot of things I felt were left out. I won’t get into it here, because of spoiler reasons.
    This was the saddest of the books so far.
    But Kim never fails to WOW me. It was, all in all, an excellent read.
    I’m endlessly rooting for Rachel and her friends at Vampiric Charms.

  5. nice review and fairly said..While I enjoyed the book so much I feel like it just went there too many times. I will always hold my breath for her books, I hope rache gets smart soon!

  6. Just want to say that I came back to check out the spoilers having finished the book and I agree 100% with everything said here.
    Although this one didn’t WOW me the same way the last one did, I still think it was well done but at some point I think the character relationships need to move on a little.

  7. Cat – Thanks for coming back and commenting. I wasn’t wowed either. I am still eagerly awaiting the next installment though. I have a feeling the relationships and situations she set up in this book will be set ablaze in the next.

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