The Paranormal Bender Tour

From Mark Henry’s blog:

Four Authors, Seven Days, One Hell of a Road Trip


Mario Acevedo (Jailbait Zombie), Mark Henry (Road Trip of the Living Dead), Caitlin Kittredge (Second Skin), and Cherie Priest (Fathom) are cruising the west coast (Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland) for five evenings of witches, vamps, shapeshifters, zombies and all things weird.  Just look for the classic Impala and listen for the questionable content, as the authors read choice selections from their latest works, bandy about prizes and sign their new releases.

The Paranormal Bender Tour is for mature audiences only–though an immature sense of humor is welcome and even encouraged.  So bring your fangs, your cauldrons, and your appetite for brains.  This is a night for kindred spirits and killer stories, from the demented minds of four of the most twisted purveyors of paranormal fiction (and a few special guests).

Think you’re brave enough to attend the Paranormal Bender Tour?  Mark, Cherie, Caitlin and Mario are terrorizing the population in the following urban areas:

March 11th: Las Vegas • Clark County Library, Jewel Box Theater @ 7 PM
March 13th: San Diego • Mysterious Galaxy @ 7 PM
March 14th: Los Angeles • Dark Delicacies @ 2 PM
March 15th: San Francisco • Borderlands @ 7 PM
March 16th: Portland • Powell’s Beaverton @ 7 PM

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  1. Oh my god..this is a no brainer, if you’re in the area
    ya gotta go..Seriously I can’t think of anything more twisted.

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