Dakota Fanning to star in New Moon?

dakota_fanningRumours from E-Online suggest Dakota Fanning is in talks to play Jane in the next Twilight-series movie, New Moon.

I’ve not read NEW MOON, but I learned Jane is “a member of Italy’s Volturi, the most deadly group of bloodsucking killers”.

E-Online says “In the casting notice we got our hands on earlier this month, Jane is described as a petite blonde with a “Botticelli angel-like face…[and] crimson irises.” While fellow Volturi guards Demetri & Felix “are three times the size of her, they are terrified of her,” the casting notice reads.”

Which, as characters go, sounded kind of familiar.

Remember Laurell K. Hamilton’s first novel in the Anita Blake series, GUILTY PLEASURES? Before Jean Claude became Master of the City, there was another. Her name was Nikolaos:

She had been about twelve or thirteen when she died. Small, half-formed breasts showed under a long flimsy dress. It was pale blue and looked warm against the total whiteness of her skin. She had been pale when alive; as a vampire she was ghostly. Her hair was that shining white-blonde that some children have before their hair darkens to brown. This hair would never grow dark.

And then I was reminded of Claudia, the six year old turned vampire in Anne Rice’s INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.

Interesting, yes? Coincidental sucking from the creative collective, or not, I don’t care. I just don’t want to see any more little girl vampires. Please.


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  2. I think she is not good enough for Jane’s charachter…Sorry she just doesn’t suit her.

  3. I really hope she isnt playing the role of Jane. I just really dont think she fits.. everyone else has very distinct features,.. shes just a little on the plain side to play her…

  4. I’m glad she’s Jane. I’d rather have a good actress playing the role than someone who looks exactly like her and doesn’t act well. Besides, Dakota Fanning is the most Jane-like they can get.

  5. i really hope she does not get the role of jane
    she’s way to plain and she dont really suit the roll. apparently vannesa anne hudges is playing the role of leah clearwater i really hope thats a rumor i think it will ruin the movie if she plays the role of leah .

  6. i think that it was be just terrible if vanessa ann hudgens is in this series. they need to just leave hsm out of it. i think dakota could do a could job, but i don’t think she looks the part. angelic, yes, but other than that she doesn’t fit. did you hear that drew barrymore might direct the third movie??

  7. Ok for one I have to say this. Nobody in twilight is “unique” they are all fairly plain. The girl who plays Isabella or Bella as she likes to be called is really just the girl next door. Shes someone I’ve seen on a regular bases. Thats why I like her for the pick and why I enjoyed the movie so much. I loved the books too but they screwed up the characters for the movie as far as looks go and in Edwards case not only is he not attractive he can’t act. So picking her for the role of Jane. I guess all Im saying is wait and see. It can’t be any worse then picking the person they picked to play Jacob.

  8. All of u that are sayin she would not be good for the role need to shut the hell up,if u ask me she would be perfect for the play and she does almost match the description in the book not all the way but almost……..i dont know if she is goin to be good so we just need to shut up, wait ,and find out!!!!!! cause u will never kno until u see it.

  9. okay so i think taylor lautner isn’t the best pick for jacob.but there’s an interview with him and he’s been working hard to pull off jacob in the next movie.he’s put on 20 pounds of muscle!! you have to give credit for at least trying

  10. Dakota fanning no way she is so fabulous shes my favorite actress shes one of my role models (i just turned 14) so its not that odd

  11. Dakota will not make a good jane. the desription in the book is different from what she looks like! the movie will b horrible if she stars in it and truthfully kristen stewart is a horrible bella. she looks depressed and boring all the time.

  12. omg are serious guys. just because she doesn’t look EXACTLY like jane is described in the book, it doesn’t mean she won’t do a good job!! She is a really really good actress and I’m sure she will do great. You can’t get an actor/actress to look EXACTLY like you imagine the character in a book. Everybody with a brain stem knows thats impossible! She will do an amazing job, and from my opinion I think she suits Jane.

  13. She sooOOoooOOOOoo suits the part!!!

    Coming from a twilight freaky! a Drama student and a dancer the person everyone should be quetioning is Bella!!! does she suit the part?? does she have the BIG brown eyes?? i have nothing against Kristen cause i love her to bits and her movies but you guys need to learn how to criticize! Peace out! 😀

  14. wow i think Decoda for Jane is actually the best casted in the movie. Everyone else sucks! well… I like who they casted for Charlie, he seems charlie enough in my books ^^. I just hope Decoda can pull off the creepy manipulative attitude thing Jane has going on, otherwise I’ll be very disappointed…

    If Decoda can pull off Jane’s role, she may be the only part in the entire movie I might enjoy… These “directors” are butchering the books T.T

    And to the article at the end about children as vampires… Jane is not a child she just has a child-like face. Vampires in this series are forbidden to create child vampires! Jeeze… Do a lil more research next time?

  15. Dakota is great to become Jane…I think she is the best actress since she was a little girl, so she will do an excellent job if she does the movie of course!!

  16. omg I like dakota but how old i she?
    surely she is only like 12 isnt she too young and i hope vanessa anne hudgens doesnt get the role . . .with all those pawn images of her on the web . . . .she betrayed us all!I think that selen gomez should get the part of Jane . . .

  17. omfg its not fair i wanna b a vampre but frkin dakota get a role?she is a blonde . . . no the best for a emo . . . x} im not happy . . .

  18. I think she will be a great jane i have seen a clip of her playing jane she looks great just because she is young dosnt mean she wont play the part well. you go girl!

  19. I love Taylor Lautner for Jacob. Missy Peregrym should have played Bella. If you don’t know who that is..look her up..she is gorgeous in the less obvious way. Kristen is good but they could have done better. With Edward’s character he has not been done justice. Dakota was perfect for the job of Jane..When i found out she was playing Jane I was excited. when i thought about the character and her it clicked she perfect.

  20. dakoda is exactly one year older than me so she will be a perfect fit for the role. And she does resemble jane quite a bit so it is a good choice to cast her x shes a really good actress

  21. i think she will do fine she is a good actor and has done fine for the part of jane you dont have to be a teenager to play a vampire on a movie.the movie was great and i dont think anyone else would have done a better job

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