Read, Write, and Do a Good Deed


– Catch a sneak peek of Jaye Well’s REDHEADED STEP-CHILD. Read Chapter 1.



– Faith Hunter goes over all the common “Do”s and “Don’t”s of making your submissions publish-worthy. This is a very useful list. I’d like to get a look at that book.

– Writtenwyrd posted an article on Wicca, useful for fantasy writers.

Do a Good Deed:

via Susan Adrian, who says it better than I can:

Let me tell you about Travis Erwin.

Travis is a fellow writer-in-the-trenches, a fellow parent (his boys are 6 and 8), and a friend. I met him through Twitter and soon got sucked into his blog, especially when he posted the brutally honest, heart-melting story of when his son was born, and things went wrong.

On January 4th, Travis’s house burned to the ground. Typically, he tweeted about it the same day. Now his family is temporarily living with parents, struggling to figure out what to do next and how to explain to the boys about lost Hotwheels, Christmas presents, and what happened to Captain Jack the turtle.

Everybody’s been asking how they can help. Superstar authors Erica Orloff and Stephen Parrish have set up a website for donations to the family: you can buy a brick for Travis’s family, and help get them going again.

Donations here:

Or, Travis has asked for donations of Hotwheels or kid’s books to go directly to his boys:
522 Casino Amarillo, TX 79118

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  1. Speaking of doing good deeds…

    Indie travelling musician SJ Tucker has fallen ill. As she’s uninsured, her medical bills are *huge* – so her friends are chipping in, and she has some friends whose names you might recognize. 🙂 Check out

    And special attention to Ravens in the Library, a benefit anthology featuring Neil Gaiman, Charle de Lint, Francesca Lia Block, Holly Black, Storm Constantine, Terri Windling, and many more!

  2. Thanks for the link love. I actually have nine or ten articles, and people can email me with questions. Not that I’m a scholar or anything. 🙂

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