Happy Holidays from Anton Strout!

In this Urban Fantasy Land exclusive, we’re bringing you the holiday traditions of some of your favourite urban fantasy authors!  Today’s guest:  Anton Strout author of the Simon Canderous series.

antonWhat winter holiday do you celebrate?

Christmas and Hannukah- ah the joys of a mixed marriage!  Will also be celebrating Festivus if we can find our pole and come up with some Feats of Strength…

What are your favourite winter holiday traditions?

Well, the tree is up so far.  I like to put on the the holiday music and decorate it with family and friends.  Most of our ornaments have been collected from our adventures together, so they all have meaning when putting them up.  This year’s addition is one of the old school looking ones of the Las Vegas sign with Excalibur on it, marking a fun trip we had out there this year.

I also love to go back to my hometown of Dalton, Mass and drive around late at night on Christmas Eve, checking out everyone’s lights while cranking holiday music in the car.  That night we’re allowed to open one prezzie… then on Christmas morning you are allowed to do your stocking before breakfast, then family meal together, the everyone opens their gifts.

What are you looking forward to most?

Seeing my family.  They mystery of gifts is fine, but I’ve become less and less material over the years… tho I wouldn’t scoff at getting the new MadCatz Bass Guitar controller for Rockband 2.


What’s your favourite gift to give?

I don’t think that as an author it’s going to surprise anyone to say that my favorite gift to give is the right book… and for once, I don’t mean giving the gift of my urban fantasy series.  But handing someone the book they never knew they wanted and having them fall in love with it…well, that’s pretty keen in my book.

What’s your favourite gift to receive?

Hmmm.. I’d say video games, especially if they’re multiplayer and can be enjoyed with others.  I think video games are the next greatest level of storytelling with interaction out there… I’ve written about it several times, but I think an immersive playable tale hits all the senses right and makes a great gift.  I’m still wetting myself from playing Bioshock.

What’s your favourite holiday food/candy/treat?

I do love me some egg nog and chocolate covered cherries.  And I’m also a sucker for anything stuffed into little knit pockets hanging from the family tree… usually little chocolate balls of some kind.


Happy Holidays to all my UFL friends out there, old and new, and for heaven’s sake, do give the gift of reading this year.  And hey, if it happens to be me, so be it, but really… support the authors you love!

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