Happy Holidays from Stacia Kane!

In this Urban Fantasy Land exclusive, we’re bringing you the holiday traditions of some of your favourite urban fantasy authors! Today’s guest: Stacia Kane, author of Personal Demons.

What winter holiday do you celebrate?

stacia-kane2We celebrate Yule and Christmas. For Yule we light wish candles and have slow-roasted pork. For Christmas…on Christmas Eve we have a whole cold-cut-and-cheese buffet, with hot meatballs and bread, and Christmas day we usually try something different; one year we had venison stew, another roast guinea fowl. But the last few years I’ve made beef bourgoignonne, which I can never spell properly but I have a fantastic recipe for it.

What are your favourite winter holiday traditions?

Oh, wow. I love everything about the holidays, I really do. I love decorating the tree. We watch A Christmas Carol while we do it. I love buying presents for people, I love wrapping them. I love the Christmas Eve cold cut dinner; my Mom started doing it when my brother and I were little and it’s just relaxing and fun. We also open presents Christmas Eve (and have a few Yule presents as well), which I have always loved doing. Something about it being night, and the lights on the tree are so pretty and sparkly, and everyone gets to sleep in a bit the next day (Santa brings a few gifts and fills stockings, but the kids are allowed to open their stockings before the parents wake up. So since they have all their family gifts [from Mommy, from Daddy, etc.] from the night before, and their stockings, they’re pretty busy and amused until we get up.)

What are you looking forward to most?

Hmm. Opening presents. I love seeing people’s reactions to what I got for them. Especially our daughters; they’re seven and four this year, the perfect ages to be incredibly into it all.

personal-demonsWhat’s your favourite gift to give?

Anything they really want. Especially if it’s something they didn’t know they want. And I love buying clothes for all of them, especially my husband.

What’s your favourite gift to receive?

Gift cards for bookstores, no question.

What’s your favourite holiday food/candy/treat?

Hmm. In the States, a big part of our Christmas Eve spread was corned beef and Havarti cheese. Neither of those are available here (corned beef is a very different thing here and I’m not a fan of it) and I really miss them; I love them both. But I also like making cookies, and there are a few I do that are really good; a cherry-and-almond cookie with a Hershey’s Kiss on top of each one, and “buried cherry” cookies. They’re chocolate cookies with a cherry on top, covered in a cherry-flavored chocolate genache.Yum. Oh, and rumballs. I use 151 and bourbon in mine. Heh heh.

Holiday message for readers of UFL:

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it’s wonderful, and I hope it brings you joy and optimism for the new year. We hear so much bad news these days, I think it’s important to remember that life goes on and things can aways get better. There is always hope.

Oh, and be careful on those roads! 🙂

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