Happy Holidays from Mark Henry!

In this Urban Fantasy Land exclusive, we’re bringing you the holiday traditions of some of your favourite urban fantasy authors! Today’s guest: Mark Henry, author of Happy Hour of the Damned, and Road Trip of the Living Dead.

henry_markWhat winter holiday do you celebrate?


What are your favourite winter holiday traditions?

We have a party every year that rotates amongst my social group. It revolves around this nasty bottle of Dollar Store Listerine (which since it’s Dollar Store, I guess it’s more like Glisterine or something). Anyway, we do a white elephant gift exchange and whoever gets the bottle hosts next year’s party. It used to be a clear amber but now it’s just as cloudy and foamy as sewer run off. What can I say, we’re sick. But not sick enough for People Magazine, who interviewed some of us for a story and then opted against running it in their holiday issue. True story.

henryWhat are you looking forward to most?

This year it’s the Dina Martina Christmas Show at Rebar in Seattle. We’ve missed the last couple of years and don’t intend to let those precious moments slip away. If you haven’t seen Dina live, then you must hold your sanity in high esteem. It’s a dragtacular holiday event full of carols, gifts and awkward invasions of personal space bubbles.

What’s your favourite gift to give?

I’m usually pretty conscientious about gift giving, even to the point of squirreling away people’s hints throughout the year. But this year, it’s all about the books. So if I normally get you a present, you know it’s coming from a bookstore this year. And not a used one, either.

henry_roadtrip2What’s your favourite gift to receive?

This is going to sound like a load of crap, but I’d much rather give than receive. I’m so rarely satisfied and critical that I don’t look forward to gifts…unless they’re from my wife. Hi honey!

What’s your favourite holiday food/candy/treat?

Cornbread stuffing and haystack cookies. I could go without the protein entirely. It’s all about the carbs on Christmas.

Have the Merriest Holiday Season and a Happy Zombie Apocalypse!

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  1. Happy Christmas…I think HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED is next up on the reading list for me.
    Books for presents are the best!

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