Happy Holidays from Jaye Wells!

In this Urban Fantasy Land exclusive, we’re bringing you the holiday traditions of some of your favourite urban fantasy authors! Today’s guest: Jaye Wells, author of Red-Headed Stepchild.

wells_jayeWhat winter holiday do you celebrate?

Christmas. Although I’ve been trying to get my family to celebrate Festivus. Since we’re not religious, I think a holiday that centers around the Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength is a better option.

What are your favourite winter holiday traditions?

My annual winter weight gain. It’s fun, but also practical. It keeps me warm, and if there’s ever a freak outbreak of famine I’m good to go.

What are you looking forward to most?

I could say spending time with my family, but let’s be honest: It’s all about the presents. This year I’m hoping for a helper monkey.

wells_redheadedstepWhat’s your favourite gift to give?

Self-help books are always a big hit.

What’s your favourite gift to receive?

Please refer to question no. 3. If I can’t have a helper monkey, then I love getting nerdy writer gifts. It’s sad how excited I get about office supplies.

What’s your favourite holiday food/candy/treat?

If it contains sugar and/or fat, I’m in. My obsession this year is peppermint bark. The geniuses at Haagen Das have turned this classic holiday treat into an ice cream. And I love them for it.

May your holidays be free of family drama. And if they can’t be, may you have access to to plenty of wine. Also, nothing says love like pre-ordering a book about vampires, mages and demons for all your nearest and dearest. Cheers!

Pre-Order Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells, available 31 Mar 2009.

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