Links for Writers 2008.12.16

* The New York Times says more women would give up sex than the internet. Dear Author wants to know if you would rather give up books or sex for two weeks? And we want to know if you would rather give up writing or sex?

* Jeff Vandermeer shows through photos the various stages of the manuscript in making a novel.

* Write to Done lists 10 Free Resources Every Writer Needs.

* Jaye Wells shares a typical day in the life of this urban fantasy author:

“6:55 Sit down with my first cup of the day and my laptop while Spawn eats and watches cartoons. Periodically give Spawn the countdown till we leave.”

* Pictures of Neil Gaiman’s writing space, circa August 1989:


neil-gaiman-aug-1989-nutley-sussex-2It’s cramped and cluttered and loaded with cool stuff, but there’s something charming and comfortable about being surrounded by all those books.