TV Talk 2008.12.16

* There was no new episode of Ghost Whisperer last week. But here’s what else caught my eye:

  • The holiday sweater episode of What Not To Wear. I hearby swear I will never wear another seasonally-themed sweater again! (Unless it’s really, really special ;o)
  • I watched Fringe for the first time. This was the episode with the gel in the bus– a concept I had a hard time believing. There’s no way a bus would ever be *that* air-tight. Other than that, I had a little trouble following one of the sub-plots– but that’s my own fault for jumping in mid-season– but overall, I liked it. Cool concepts, interesting characters– who wouldn’t want a mad scientist for a dad?
  • I’m really looking forward to the final episode of Canada’s Worst Driver 4. I’ve seen most of this season, and although this is the fourth season of this show, this is the first time I’ve watched it. Bad driving has never been so fascinating or frightening!

And in other TV news:
* The scheduled webisode of Dollhouse has been scrapped. The show will air on TV only. Assuming it airs at all. [via io9]

* Remember Grams from Dawson’s Creek? Looks like she’ll be making an appearance on Fringe in a mini DC reunion. [via io9]]

* Jamie Kennedy talks about the fire that swept through the set of Ghost Whisperer. [via BuddyTV]


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  1. I believe that the gel bus was the second episode, you’ve caught the show just as it’s going off for the holidays. The first couple episodes were a little hard to believe but they have mellowed out and are now fleshing out the subplots.

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