More Briefs 2008.12.11

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* Jeaniene Frost guest blogging about plotting or pantsing.

* Charlaine Harris answers questions at SciFiWire.
I was sure vampires would be fun to write, and I wanted to take a direction that was new and fresh. (At the time, it was!) I decided to be the anti-Anne Rice. (This is not a knock on her work, but an attitude.) Since she took romantic southern Louisiana, I’d take the northern part, which is much more prosaic. Since her vampires were romantic and pay a lot of attention to their clothes, mine would shop at the mall and have ordinary names. That can only go so far; after all, I had no intention of writing a parody or of mocking her work, which I admire. After deciding your style of writing for the work you want to do, you have to construct a credible world.

I love Charlaine’s response in answer to what it’s been like being all over the best sellers lists: “I’m still faced with the problems I had before: a looming deadline, a book that won’t write itself. Being the prom queen for a season hasn’t changed the work any.”

* Chris Howard has created a graphic prequel, Saltwater Witch. The events of the story take place 5 years before those in his novel Seaborn.