Wednesday Links for Writers 2008.11.26

* Are we stampeding lemmings suddenly? Agent Colleen Lindsay on why we shouldn’t panic about the HMH buying freeze.

* Agent Colleen Lindsay answers “When should you list your publishing credits in your query letter?”

* Agent Colleen Lindsay again [I think I love you! You’ve got great linkage!] on how to format your query for email.

* The Rejecter answers lots of questions about formatting your manuscript.

* Agent Jenny Rappaport gives up the proper email address for submitting your queries.

* Over at Tor, find out what happens after the book is written.

* Simply Stated: home & organizing has several posts about transitioning to a paperless office:

* Transitioning to a Paperless Office
* Organizing Files in Your Office
* Organizing Files & Folders on Your Computer

* Great bookshelves inspired by DNA & graphic art