Briefs 2008.11.21

* Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier square-off inside an anthology in Zombies vs Unicorns. Larbalestier hates unicorns. Black defends. The result: half the stories will be about zombies, and the other half about unicorns. Coming to a bookshelf near you in 2010 from Simon & Schuster.

* Laurell K Hamilton’s Swallowing Darkness is #3 on the NYT Bestsellers List, but the author is disappointed.

* Jocelynn Drake inked a deal with EOS/HarperCollins for 3 more books in the Dark Days series.

* Speaking of EOS, the giving is still going.

* This vampire staking kit sold at auction for $14,850.

“made around 1800 and complete with stakes, mirrors, a gun with silver bullets, crosses, a Bible, holy water, candles and even garlic, all housed in a American walnut case with a carved cross on top”

Over at Smart Bitches, Sarah wondered how the garlic stayed so fresh.

It is interesting to note the date this box was made precedes both The Vampyre by John Polidori (1819) and Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897), the two books said to popularize vampires. It is most likely this kit was put together not by a fan of bloodsuckers, but by someone who actually intended to fight or defend against humans purported to be vampires.