Wednesday Links for Writers 2008.11.19

* via agent Colleen Lindsay, Stephen Barbara’s article on The Great American Query Letter. Barbara is an agent at the Donald Maass Agency. “The publishing industry holds few secrets. And so, the outré query letter is no longer the norm. Today we see the heavily work-shopped query letter, labored over, proofread, professionally edited, smart-looking, enticing you to read on to the writing sample. Where, miserably, that throwback, Washington Generals–style badness hits you straight between the eyes again.”

* bookshelves via Interior Design

* Cory Doctorow on why he copyfights. Important information for everyone. On the Internet, copying is automatic, massive, instantaneous, free, and constant.”

* grandfather clock bookshelves via Interior Design

* via Agent in the Middle: agent Jenny Rappaport is breaking away to start her own agency, The Rappaport Agency. Rappaport specializes in “science fiction and fantasy, as well as YA, and romance”.