Ghost Whisperer Shockwave

ghost-whisperer-jim_melindaDid you see Ghost Whisperer these last two weeks? What a twist! I’m in shock & awe of the writers & producers for having the guts to take the story in that direction.

More on the story [MAJOR SPOILERS] at SciFi Wire. I love this:

“Unless you’re willing to try to stick it out there and try do something that is brave, you will never do anything great,” [Ian] Sander [executive producer] said. “Whether it’s an actor’s performance, whether it’s a director directing a show or whether it’s a painter painting, you have to try something bold and chancy and take those kinds of chances to do something great. And this is our way of doing that. We took what we felt was a bold move and an exciting move and something that was chancy, and we feel that we have totally succeeded. And we hope that you’ll all agree.”


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  1. I haven’t watched Friday’s episode yet. Partly I think b/c I don’t want to see him dead again. I’m interested to see how this will change everything, just not sure I’m ready for it.

  2. Big twist at the end of Friday’s episode.

    According to the SciFi Wire article, the producers don’t have any intention of ending the relationship. In fact, they plan to focus on the relationship more than ever. And the actor is not leaving the show. So this should prove to be an interesting season.

  3. I love this show and watch every chance I get, I love these ghost stories.
    There’s something strange in the neighborhood,who gonna call?
    Jennifer Love Hewett
    The ultimate ghost buster!

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