The Urban Fantasy Land Guide to Twitter [updated!]

[Check the comments for even more Twitters to follow! Thanks, Kimi!]

If you’re not on Twitter yet, why not? Loads of your favourite UF authors are Twittering. Here’s a handy list to get you started:
Mark Henry
Jaye Wells
Maria Lima
Chris Howard
Meljean Brook
Maggie Steifvater
Caitlin Kittredge
Jenna Black
Jeri Smith-Ready
Richelle Mead
Michelle Rowen
Justine Musk
Holly Lisle
Katie MacAlister
Neil Gaiman
Colleen Gleason
Rinda Elliot

Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker
Marla Mason (aka author T.A. Pratt)
H.P. Lovecraft

Authors from other genres:
Wil Wheaton
Alison Kent
Sarah Weinman
Michelle Rowen
Diana Peterfreund
John Scalzi
Douglas Clegg
S.J. Day
Megan Crane
Jill Monroe
Elizabeth Bear

Agents & Publishers:
Harper Teen
Janet Reid
Penguin Books
Bantam Dell
Jennifer Jackson
Little Brown
Orbit Books

Even UFL is on Twitter:
Lindsay York Levack
Lisa Trevethan

Twitter is also handy for popping the question: Tweethearts.

Want to know more about Twitter? Check out CNet’s Newbie’s Guide to Twitter.

Want a better way to manage all your emails, instant messaging and social networking? Try Digsby.


8 comments on “The Urban Fantasy Land Guide to Twitter [updated!]

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  2. /LA_Banks

    I’m trying to get Jackie Kessler but she’s being reluctant. And there are many more but that’s all I follow. If you really want more…simply look at any of the above people’s follow list and you find them. 🙂 They tend to follow each other.

    Kim Harrison sadly said she didn’t have time with her schedule to do twitter but looked up her name and said it was cool that people had twittered about her and her books.

    Can you tell I am an avid promoter of twitter for authors?

    I know many podcast authors if you want a list of them as well.

  3. We need to get on Kim Harrison’s back about twitter. 😉 I would totally follow her!

    Thanks for the extra info, Kimi!

  4. Maybe you guys should infiltrate her Hallows list and then get all the people on there voting for it. Maybe she’d cave to that. LOL 😛

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