Halloween Briefs 2008.10.28

* Still looking for a costume idea? Check out Shannon Swedson’s “Generic Urban Fantasy Book Cover” costume complete with obligatory lower-back tattoo.

* Need inspiration for your faerie make-up? Head over to Holly Black’s post where she points you to Elfstruck, who has tutorials for doing Halloween make-up like several of Black’s characters.

* If you happen to be near Melbourne, Austrailia, head on over to the Halloween party Keri Arthur will be at. It’s free.

* Costume ideas: SciFi Wire links to six costumes for women, but only 2 of them aren’t slutty. And costumes for guys.

* How to do the make-up for a Darth Maul costume.

* Tor posted Halloween videos.

* For your steampunk costume, you’ll need this watch and this bag.

* Considering a Bond-girl (or other kick-ass chick) costume? You’ll need this