Sanctuary For Sale

When I first heard about the Kingsway Tunnels, I thought the underground sanctuary sounded like something out of a Vicki Pettersson novel, and after seeing photos, I don’t think I was far off.


4 comments on “Sanctuary For Sale

  1. So, unless I’m mistaken, the obvious conclusion from the article is that these things are about to go condo?

    I want one! Think of the views!

    Well, okay, the view would be rough-hewn bedrock.

    But imagine it. A home in an urban setting where cell phones absolutely do not work. No constant roar of traffic. Rural peace! There’d be no sound at all, in fact, except the deep rumble of air-moving equipment. Kind of like being aboard a star ship.

  2. I’d be terrified the ventilation would fail and I’d suffocate to death. *shudder* However they do LOOK cool from outside them looking at the photos. 😉

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