Briefs 2008.10.27

* Kim Harrison is having a Halloween Costume contest.

* Jeaniene Frost has opened her contest season. WATCH HER BLOG EVERY DAY! Her contests are only for 1 day only, and first-come, first-served. You got to be quick!

* The director of Neil Gamain’s story-turned-movie Coraline, Henry Selick, answers a few questions at “Based on Neil Gaiman’s novel, the movie focuses on young Coraline (voiced by Dakota Fanning), who finds a portal into another world where her friends and family are everything she dreamed of. But the fantasy turns dark and sinister. Selick shot parts of the movie in stereoscopic 3-D so that the stop-motion-animated figures pop out at the audience.”

* Among other things, Neil Gaiman himself answers the question of where on the web you can find Neil himself and where you can’t.

* IO9 takes a look at real life gnomes in Argentina. Gnomes, aliens or hoax? You decide!

* Marta Acosta’s Vampire Wire won Suburban Vampire’s blog contest. Congrats!